1-Syntax-1 Feel No Touch 04:16
1000 Mexicans Under Construction Mexi Club Mix 06:10
1000 Ohm You’re The One Dance Mix 04:52
16 Bit Too Fast To Live Left Lane Edit 06:00
16 Bit Changing Minds 06:28
16 Bit Changing Minds Remix 07:32
3 Rockies, The Stop Wasting Your Time (You Could Be
Wasting Mine)
3D Nearer Revenge Mix 03:43
3D Break The Fix(Ation) Remix 03:05
3D Dance To Believe Extended Version 04:31
4th Floor Follow In Stride 04:17
57 th Parallel, The In This Light 04:55
A Bigger Splash I Don’t Believe A Word 04:00
A Craze ‎ Wearing Your Jumper 08:32
A Day In Paris Deja Vu 04:01
A Drop In The Gray All The Same 04:09
A Drop In The Gray Heartache Feeds Heartache 04:22
A La Carte You Get Me On The Run 05:28
A La Carte Radio 03:36
A La Carte & Mungo Jerry Dancing In The Summertime Extended Version 06:33
A-ha The Sun Always Shines On TV Exklusive U.S. Dance Mix 05:42
A-ha The Living Daylights Extended Version 06:50
A.P. Trust Hot Love At Night House Version 06:40
Aaah…! Slip Away 04:30
Academy On The Beach Extended Mix 06:12
Academy Stranded Extended Version 04:50
Academy Stand Up! 06:31
Academy Tonight (The World Keeps Swinging) Swing Mix 07:13
Academy You Are In My System Extra Inch Remix 07:53
Academy You Are In My System Bernhard Mix 11:06
Academy Keep On Pushing (One Long Groove) 06:00
Accent We Are Lost 04:23
Acute Logic Moroccan Nights 03:46
Acute Logic The Obsession 04:37
Adriana Sunny Day Extended Version 06:15
After This Fields 04:14
Agents Aren’t Aeroplanes The Upstroke Naughty Mix 10:09
Aku-Aku The Night Belongs To Charlie 04:01
Aku-Aku Ground Zero 04:20
Aku-Aku No Expression Vocal 04:00
Al Bano & Romina Power Makassar 05:50
Al Bano & Romina Power Sempre Sempre 05:12
Alan Barcklay Girl Vocal Euro Mix 06:25
Alan Barcklay Colour Of Love 12" Remix 07:00
Alan Barcklay Always For Me Lovely Heart Club Mix 06:10
Alan Barcklay Don’t Let Me Go Laurent Version 05:45
Alan Michael ‎ Is That You Phil Harding Mix 06:07
Alastair Riddell Let Her Know 03:28
Albert One Lover Boy Extended Version 05:20
Albert One Lady O‘ 04:52
Albert One For Your Love Extendend Version 05.50
Albert One Secrets Extended Version 05:16
Albert One‎ Hopes & Dreams Dance Mix 04:56
Albert One‎ For Your Love Monogamus Mix 06:50
Albert West Tears 03:12
Aleph Take My Life Extended Version 05:45
Aleph Fly To Me Dub version 06:00
Aleph Check It Up Re-Edit 06:50
Aleph Check it up Re-Edit 06:50
Alex C Tonight All Night Dance Mix 06:45
Alex C‎ Fire Vocal Version 05:20
Alex Valentini Beautiful Life Disco Version 09:01
Alexis Do You Really Want Me Special DJ-Mix 06:20
Alexis ‎ Lying Eyes Extended 08:04
Alice’s Wonderland Stop The Rain Extended Version 05:34
Alides Hidding Hollywood 7 06:46
Alison Moyet Invisible Extended Version 06:05
Alison Moyet Is This Love? L.A. Mix 05:23
Alison Moyet Weak In The Presence Of Beauty Extended Remix 06:04
Alphaville Sounds Like A Melody Special Long Version 07:42
Alphaville Jet Set Jellybean Mix 06:28
Alphaville Universal Daddy Aquarian Dance Mix 06:16
Alphaville Sensations Dub-Mix 05:11
Alphaville Summer Rain Extended Version 05:30
Alpo Solo Un Minuto 03:38
Alyne Over The Sky Dance Mix 05:53
Amadeus Liszt Win The Race 07:54
Amanda Lear Love Your Body 06:00
Amazone Gino Gino 06:52
Ambra Orfei Love Me Too 03:40
Ameli New Romantic null 07:05
Amerikano‘ Bandito‘ Vocal 07:12
Amy Taylor In My Dreams 03:48
Andrea Macho Man Macho Man Version 05:20
Andrea Macho Man Maxi 05:20
Andrea I’m A Lover 06:06
Andrew Zernicke Organ Player 06:05
Andrew Zernicke Organ Player Times Square Mix 07:07
Andrew Zernicke Cappuccino Eurolectro Mix 05:55
Andrew Zernicke Organ Player Tango Mix 04:00
Angel Follow Me null 06:55
Angel Chorus Devil On My Shoulder Devilishly Extended Mix 07:38
Angel Chorus Devil On My Shoulder Devil Dub 04:54
Angelita’s Boys ‎ Angelita’s Eyes Vocal 06:06
Angie Dylan‎ In The Dark 05:38
Animotion I Engineer Remix 05:50
Ann Turner I’m Your Lady 04:36
Annabelle In Your Arms Extended Mix 06:00
Annie Anner Night In The City 06:29
Anouschka Renzi Robot Love 06:45
Anthony Clark Am I Really In Love? 05:30
Ape Time To Change 04:46
Apologies For Innocence Across The Wire Extended 04:49
April Boys Come And Go Vocal 05:25
April Boys Come And Go Vocal Remix 07:05
April Boys Come And Go Dub Version 07:52
April Boys Come And Go French Version 06:40
Art Perfect Touch Long Version 05:10
Art Affairs Workaholic 25-Hours-A-Day-Mix 06:01
Art Déco Because The Movie Is On null 06:35
Art Fine Dark Silence Long Version 07:59
Art Fine Dark Silence Art Fine Version 07:59
Art Of Emotion A Day A Day 05:35
Art Of Love Looking Through The Night Vocal Version 08:01
Atelier Folie No Rhyme, No Reason 07:42
Atrium Week-End Extended Version 05:34
Atrium ‎ Hey Tonight 05:10
Attack Make Up Your Mind Long Version 00:00
Audrey Landers Sun Of Jamaica Lambada Mix ’90 05:42
Avalanche Wheel Of Fortune Extended Version 07:16
Aventura Di Mi Quando 04:53
Avenue Imagination Extended Version 05:01
Avenue Voices Of Animals 06:06
Axodry Surrender null 06:03
Azoto Exalt Exalt 07:46
Aztec Camera Somewhere In My Heart Remix 07:10
Azul Y Negro‎ The Night 06:08
B-Point 2 After Midnight 06:31
B. D. Scott How ? 07:21
B. Keeney Rambo 12“ Classic Pop-Eye-Mix 05:36
B. Keeney Rambo Hot Gym Remix 06:19
B.B. And Band Simple Song 05:50
B.Crazy Jungle Dream 05:23
B.T.B. Take A Chance With Me 04:35
Baby Müller Intercity 04:41
Baccara Fantasy Boy 12“Mix 07:00
Baccara Touch Me 12“Mix 06:20
Baccara Call Me Up Special DJ-Mix 05:03
Back Bag, The Dial My Number 05:50
Bad Boys Blue Hungry For Love Hot-House Sex Mix 08:17
Baiser Summer Breeze U.K Mix 07:28
Baltimora Survivor In Love 05:03
Baltimora Juke Box Boy Extended Version 05:50
Bam Boo Foreign East Love 05:39
Band Für Afrika Nackt Im Wind null 05:11
Bandeaux Black And White Club Mix 06:40
Bangah Every Wave 05:17
Bangah Trapped/Hide & Seek 05:00
Baratta Valentino 06:55
Barbara Ciao Boys Full Power Mix 06:06
Barbie Barabba Mix 1 06:13
Barry Lane In A Night Like This 05:47
Barry Lane Take A Chance Special Disco Version 05:10
Barry Lane See My Need 05:36
Barry Mason Together Vocal 06:52
Barry Mason Together Illegal Version 07:01
Barry Mason Body (Get Your Body) Body Version 06:30
Barry Mason Body (Get Your Body) Disco Version 07:45
Bazykina Twins Moscow Nights null 06:44
Beagle Music Ltd. Ice In The Sunshine 05:06
Bearz Darwin 03:26
Beatmasters, The Rok Da House 06:45
Beau Sexon Don’t Tell Me No Lies 06:36
Belen Thomas Panamà Remixed Dance Version 06:08
Belinda Carlisle I Get Weak 12" Version 07:25
Belinda Carlisle Circle In The Sand Beach Party Mix 07:50
Belinda Carlisle (We Want) The Same Thing Extended Summer Remix 05:09
Benjamin Russell Miracle Long Mix 05:38
Berlin No More Words Dance Remix 05:44
Berlin Like Flames Extended Version 07:00
Bernadette Midnight Lover 05:46
Betty Miranda Dance 04:55
Betty Wright Sinderella 06:30
Betty Wright Sinderella Remix 07:03
Between Two Fires No Reason Sagebrush Mix 04:08
Between Two Fires White Eyes (Ghost Dance) 06:25
Between Two Fires Sand 07:15
Beverly Hilz On A Night Like Tonite Swedish Remix 06:35
Beverly Hilz On A Night Like Tonite Original 12" Version 05:40
Beverly Hilz Featuring Debbie Sharp On A Night Like Tonight 05:55
Bianca Neve Wake Up! 04:50
Bianca Neve Wake Up! Dance Version 08:40
Bill Goins Lone Rider Vocal 06:24
Bill Goins Lone Rider Lucky Version 05:00
Bill Nelson Flaming Desire Long Version 05:56
Billy Ocean Loverboy Extended Club Remix 08:09
Billy Ocean When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going Club Mix 07:35
Billy Ocean Calypso Crazy Extended Version 05:52
Billy Ocean Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car AA Remix 08:55
Birch And Hallam What You Say Extended Version 06:42
Birch And Hallam Pray For Me 03:29
Birger Heymann System Of Sound feat. George Kranz ‎ Help Me Extended Disco Version 05:29
Black Angel, The Change An Angel Vocal 06:35
Black Denim Everybody Dance Maxi Version 06:02
Black Denim You Are The One 04:04
Blancmange Lose Your Love Extended Version 10:25
Blanket Of Secrecy Say You Will Extended Version 05:38
Blind Date Your Heart Keeps Burning Burning Mega Mix, The Glory Radio Drama Part 1 08:00
Blow Monkeys, The This Is Your Life Long 08:46
Blu-I Boy Night Of Ecstasy Extended Version 05:00
Blue Camera Golden War Heavy Dance Mix 05:24
Blue Camera Golden War Extended Version 06:10
Blue Camera Golden War Up-Tempo 05:20
Blue Law, The Tornado 04:11
Blue Law, The Under The Volcano 04:26
Blue Sunbeam Dreaming Extended Version 05:50
Blue Sunbeam Before The Night Is Gone 12" Remix 06:00
Blue Zoo Love Moves In Strange Ways 04:45
Blue Zoo I’m Your Man 05:45
Blue Zoo Cry Boy Cry 06:00
Blue Zoo Somewhere In The World There’s A
Cowboy Smiling
Blue Zoo (I Just Can’t) Forgive And Forget 12" Mix 05:15
Blue Zoo Loved One’s An Angel Extended Remix 00:00
Bo Bo Zero Crime Of Emotion 05:20
Bob Geldof This Is The World Calling Extended Version 07:32
Bobbysocks Working Heart Album Version 05:48
Bodines, The Therese Extended New Mix 04:20
Body Heat Tonight (Weve Got The Night) Club Mix 07:21
Bogart Modern Girl 06:06
Bolero Back To Back 05:58
Bolero I Wish 08:06
Bolland The Boat English Extended 06:40
Bolland & Bolland Imagination Extended Version 05:50
Bolshoi, The Sunday Morning null 06:28
Bomb The Bass ‎ Beat Dis Extended Dis 05:49
Bonaventura Fantasy 06:05
Bond Take A Walk On The Rainbow Extended Version 04:17
Bond I’m No Dancer Extended Version 05:15
Bond Boys‘ Toys Extended Version 05:22
Bone Symphony It’s A Jungle Out There Dance Version 06:40
Bone Symphony It’s A Jungle Out There Dub Version 06:59
Bone Symphony Dome Of The Spheres 05:29
Boney M. Everybody Wants To Dance Like Josephine Baker 12" Mix 06:45
Boney M. Daddy Cool Special Club Mix 09:11
Boney M. Malaika Lambada Remix Long Version 05:02
Boney M. Happy Song French Kiss Remix 05:17
Bonk The Smile And The Kiss Extended Dancemix 06:59
Bonk Big Love Extended Version 06:02
Bonk Car Jam Electro Jazz Mix) 05:13
Bonnie Bianco The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter US-Dance-Mix 06:10
Bonnie Bianco The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter US Dance Mix 06:10
Bonnie Bianco Miss You So Extended Version 07:32
Bonnie Bianco When The Price Is Your Love Maxi Version 08:00
Bonnie Bianco Straight From Your Heart Extended Version 07:10
Bonnie Tyler Rebel Without A Clue Full Version 08:34
Bonnie Tyler I Do It For You 05:06
Bonnie Tyler Holding Out For A Hero Special Extended Remix 06:19
Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse Of The Heart Original Album Version 06:49
Bonnie Tyler  Save Up All Your Tears The London Mix 00:0?
Boom Boom Room Here Comes The Man Extended Version 06:30
Boom Boom Room Love Your Face Extended Version 05:08
Boomerang When The Phone Stops Ringing Extended Mix 05:09
Boomerang These Boots Are Made For Walkin‘ Vocal / Extended Remix 05:30
Boomerang These Boots Are Made For Walkin‘ Vocal / Edited Remix 04:50
Boomerang These Boots Are Made For Walkin‘ Dub Mix 06:07
Borneo Time After Time 05:04
Bourgie Bourgie Breaking Point Extended Version 05:38
Bourgie Bourgie Apres Ski Extended Version 07:17
Bourgie Bourgie Careless Extended Version 04:40
Bourgie Bourgie Change Of Attitude Extended Version 08:16
Box 20th Midnight Horror 04:00
Box Of Toys Precious Is The Pearl 04:57
Boy Waiting Where Did All The Boys Go Dance Mix 05:37
Boys Don’t Cry Cities On Fire UK Mix 05:40
Boys Don’t Cry Josephine 04:00
Boys From Brazil Hot Stuff Mortimer’s Dance Hall Remix 06:20
Boys Next Door Jenny Radio Mix 04:10
Boys Next Door Stop Watch Killer Extended Version 06:06
Boys Next Door Lady Of The Night The Night Affair Mix 05:00
Boys Next Door I Will Follow You 04:40
Boys Say Go Humanity 05:06
Boytronic Bryllyant 33 1/3 Plus 8 Remix 05:30
Boytronic I Will Survive Extended Vocal Version 07:05
Boyzone Bad Atmosphere 00:00
Brain D.I.X.O. 06:55
Brand Image Love In A Summer Night Vocal 05:10
Brian Auger Night Train To Nowhere Vocal 05:16
Brian Brain Funky Zoo 05:19
Brian Tatcher Hot Love Vocal Version 07:21
Broadcast Where Are You Now Extended Version 05:09
Broken Silence Nightstalking 03:48
Brooklyn Träum Mit Mir 04:52
Brooklyn Hold Me Tight U.S. Club Mix 05:08
Brothers Return (The Walls Of) Jericho Extended Version 06:50
Bruce Springsteen Dancing In The Dark Blaster Mix 06:09
Bruno Mosti Zero Gravity Extended Version 06:09
Bryan Dalmini Can You Tell Me Vocal 05:54
Bryan Dalmini Tonight Is Right Vocal 05:57
Bryvan Stage Wayout! Vocal Version 05:40
Bucks Fizz   London Town Extended Club Mix 06:35
Burlaband Carnival Italian Version 07:06
Burlaband Carnival Special Dance Mix 07:08
Butterfly Until You Smiled 03:46
C. A. S. H. (… For The Love Of) Money The Mango-Backo-Mix 05:32
C.A. And The Box Out Of The Box Normal Version 05:18
C.A. And The Box Out Of The Box Rock Dub Version 06:40
California Volerei Vocal Version 06:16
Call It Heaven Dreaming Extended Version 06:20
Calling Hearts Return To Base 03:37
Camera Just Another Reason 03:50
Camera Radio Waves 03:35
Camomilla Queen Of The Night 05:10
Camomilla You Tarzan, Me Jane 05:12
Camomilla You Tarzan, Me Jane Remix 06:05
Camomilla Buenas Noches 06:02
Camouflage Maybe 05:50
Candy Catch Me Rescue Mix 06:24
Canton Stay With Me 05:52
Car Crash Set Outsider 05:50
Car Crash Set Fall From Grace 07:20
Car Crash Set Imagination 05:57
Car Crash Set Imagination Aim To Squeeze Mix 03:11
Car Crash Set Breakdown 04:49
Car Crash Set No Accident Remix 04:42
Car Crash Set Another Day Extended Mix 06:09
Caren And Connection I’m A Woman 07:07
Carina Hawaiian Dreams 03:37
Caroline Caine Fizz Out 04:48
Caron Out Of The Night The First Step 07:09
Carrara Disco King "normale" Ariola-Maxi Instrumental-A-Seite 06:50
Carrara Tuning The Time LP Version 04:25
Casablanca Angel Of Night null 07:34
Casablanca Hot Nights In Ibiza 06:12
Cat Club, The One Last Kiss A Kiss Like This Mix 05:10
Cat Gang Locomotive Breath Special Cat Version 08:40
Catalog Of Cool This Is Where The Heart Is 04:43
Catalog Of Cool In The Middle Of Nowhere 05:42
Catalog Of Cool No Turnin‘ Back Mark Kamins Remix 03:54
Catwalk Positive Thinking 03:58
Cay Hume Call Me Up 07:25
Cayenna’s Gang Toutes Les Fleurs 05:00
Celebrate The Nun Ordinary Town 06:34
Celia Swann Be Alive Now Extended Mix 05:07
Cetu Javu Help Me Now! 06:20
Cetu Javu Situations 06:20
Cetu Javu Have In Mind Kalimba Mix 05:29
Cetu Javu Have In Mind Extended Mix 04:20
Champagne At Midnight Here And Now U.K. Cool-Club Remix 06:50
Champaign Intimate Strangers 04:18
Chang New Life 04:44
Charity Sweet Conversation 05:32
Charleene Needles And Pins 04:51
Charlie’s Brother The Wishing Tree Megatree Mix 05:04
Charly Danone …Ed Io Ti Trovero Vocal 00:0?
Cherook Licanthrope Vocal 05:30
Cherry Magic Holiday Mix 06:08
Chester Hold The Line Extended Version 05:45
Chiara Life Sound Vocal 06:00
Chiara Around Vocal 06:04
China Crisis Tragedy And Mystery 05:25
China Express The Ghost Of The Samurai 04:28
Chris Two By Two Long version 06:01
Chris Luis The Heart Of The City Vocal 07:04
Chris Norman Some Hearts Are Diamonds null 05:39
Chris Norman No Arms Can Ever Hold You Long Version 05:27
Chriss With A Boy Like You 05:25
Christal Fire Lady Mix Version 06:40
Christine Dancing Hour 05:35
Christine Free ‚N Easy Vocal Version 06:06
Christopher Horn Love Is A Dance 06:58
Chrome Featuring Damon Edge Loving Lovely Lover 06:10
Chrome Featuring Damon Edge The Sky Said 06:15
Ciak Lady Lady Vocal 06:05
Ciao Fellini Noche A Bahia 12 Inch Version 05:48
Cinema I Love Men null 07:46
Cipher Modern Medicine 04:46
City-O‘ Rose Of Tokyo 06:30
Clad Song Of Arabia 07:00
Clad Summer Nights Vocal 06:21
Clambagio The Only One 04:35
Class Action Blast Off 04:15
Class Action Violence (Daylight Turns To) 04:13
Class Action Well Designed 04:00
Claude Sarra Music’s Playing For You 06:25
Claudia Robot Scherbenlilli Long Version 05:40
Click Duri Duri (Baila Baila) Vocal 06:41
Cliff Matthews With A Knife Cut-Mix 06:43
Cliff Richard We Don’t Talk Anymore 12“ Remix 08:13
Cliff Richard Some People Extended Version 05:44
Climb, The I Can’t Forget (A Mother’s Crime) 06:18
Closed Living In Your Eyes 06:47
Cloud Nine Blue Gardens 04:38
Clox Mountain To Mohammed 04:10
Clox The Animals Came 03:46
Clox Follow Me Into The Water 00:00
Club E. Featuring Bijan Magic Places Miami Mix 05:51
Club Nouveau Why you treat me so bad Ultimate Nouveau Mix 09:06
Club Tango Performance 05:35
Cly-An Just To Be Number One 03:42
Coccobello Cocco Bello Psyche Version 05:28
Cock Robin Just Around The Corner Remix 06:03
Cock Robin When Your Heart Is Weak Dance Mix 06:35
Cock Robin Just Around The Corner Special Version 06:03
Cock Robin ‎ When Your Heart Is Weak Dance Mix 06:35
Coconut Rough Sierra Leone Club Mix 04:44
Colors Never Mind null 05:35
Colors Lonely Night Technicolor Version 05:00
Colour Scream Dance No More Sir Arthur Mix 04:52
Colour Scream Dance No More Tiananmen Square Mix 06:16
Commander Tom And The Rap Goes On Super Drops Mix 06:54
Commodores Animal Instinct Club Mix 09:46
Commodores Nightshift 05:03
Communal Drop Fanatics Long 05:10
Communication Dawn Of Time 04:18
Company B Fascinated Remix ZYX 5610R 06:45
Company Of State Slow Side Of The Night Remix 04:24
Company Of State Sleep 08:22
Con Act Lucky Dog Extended Version 05:31
Con Act Beautiful Edited Dance Version 04:46
Coney Island Dream Walker 06:01
Coney Island Undertown 06:55
Confetti’s ‎ C In China 12" Version 05:30
Conspiracy Of Silence Mother 04:08
Constellation 2 You’re Welcome 04:18
Control D‎ Vision In The Mirror Vocal 06:45
Cora In The Name Of Love Extended Version 06:56
Cora Amsterdam Remix 04:39
Corey Hart Never Surrender Album Version 04:54
Corey Hart Dancin‘ With My Mirror Extended Rock Mix 05:01
Corynne Charby Boule De Flipper 06:50
Cosa Rosa Millionenmal XL-Millionenmix 06:56
Costas Charitodiplomenos Lost In The Night Vocal 05:35
Council Collective, The Soul Deep 06:14
Council Collective, The A Miner’s Point 17:21
Counterfeit The Good Samaritan 04:25
Cox China Extended Chinese-Mix 05:41
Coy Mc. Coy Island Extended Version 05:30
Crazy House Burning Rain Genetic Mix 06:39
Creatures Of Habit Double Vision 03:47
Creatures, The Illusion Remix 04:11
Cretu Gambit Extended Version 08:05
Cretu Samurai (Did You Ever Dream) Long Version 07:01
Cretu & Thiers When Love Is The Missing Word Extended Version 05:32
Cretu & Thiers School’s Out Extended Version 06:02
Cretu And Thiers Don’t Say You Love Me 12" Version 05:55
Crimson Ivy Decisive Effect 05:53
Crosstalk A/V ‎ The Queue 03:26
Crown Of Thorns Pictures 05:20
Crown Of Thorns The Treatment Thorn Mix 04:23
Crown Of Thorns World Radio Extended Crown Mix 06:33
Cry Conflict Angels Of Death (Never Say Never) 03:43
Cube Two Heads Are Better Than One 06:01
Cube Concert Boy 06:10
Cunning Toy Searching 07:44
Curacao Fire Special Mix 05:10
Curacao You Russian Mix 05:18
Cyndi Cee Starting Over 07:16
Cyndi Lauper Change Of Heart Extended Version 07:52
Cynthia Springtime 07:18
Cynthia Farroll He’s Magic 04:52
D. Carred I Want To Know The World Vocal 05:35
D. Carred You’ll Be A Winner Vocal 06:05
D.J. Ricky Play & Marco D.J. Crazy Toy Vocal Version 05:26
D.J. Ricky Play & Marco D.J. Crazy Toy Dub Version 00:00
Dan Eller‎ Play Time null 05:30
Dan Hartman Second Nature Extended Version 07:14
Dan Hartman I can dream about you Jellybean Remix 07:31
Dana Be My Lover Club Mix 04:19
Dana Kay Give Me Your Body Extended Power Version 06:36
Dance Art Gallery Bon-Bonn 03:05
Dance Department Paradise Adam & Eve Dance Mix 05:44
Dance Like A Mother You Ain’t So Tough Club Mix 06:45
Dance Like A Mother Love Or Lust Club Mix 06:35
Dance Like A Mother Private Number Club Mix 05:06
Daniela Poggi Break Up 04:52
Daniela Poggi‎ Cielo 04:52
Danielle Deneuve The Rising Sun Vocal 06:27
Danny Keith Lean On Me Extended Version 06:28
Danuta Touch My Heart 05:04
Dario Dell’Aere Eagles In The Night 08:05
Darius And The Magnets Saturday At 3:00 P.M 03:28
Dark Mine Fields ‎ Silent Way 05:58
Daryl Hall John Oates Possession Obsession Special Mix 06:29
Data Stop Remix 06:12
Databook Zighidizazazero 07:12
David B. Starry Night 03:22
David Bowie Day-In Day-Out Extended Dance Mix 07:15
David Bowie Day-In Day-Out Extended Dub Mix 07:17
David Bowie Day-In Day-Out Remix 06:27
David Cassidy Romance (Let Your Heart Go) Love Mix 05:59
David Cassidy The Last Kiss Extended Version 06:46
David Knopfler Heart To Heart Edited Version 04:42
David Knopfler Shockwave Special Mix 06:14
David Lyme Bambina Vocal Version 05:28
David Lyme ‎ Bye, Bye Mi Amor 06:15
David Lyme ‎ I Don’t Wanna Lose You 06:36
David Lyme ‎ Playboy Vocal Version 07:13
David Marx & Tracy Spencer Stay 06:43
David Mc Knight Turn Your Love Around 05:26
David Wolker For Your Lover 05:20
Day After Ticking Away 05:30
Daydream In The Night Vocal 05:03
Daydream Crazy Vocal 06:30
Daydream Baby Baby Vocal 05:30
De Dion Sexy Cola 03:59
De Dion Sexy Cola Glu Glu Version 03:25
De Sign Nathalie (One Inch From Heaven) Metropolitan Mix 06:57
Dead Adair, The Different 03:38
Dead Or Alive Something In My House Mortevicar Mix 06:57
Dead Or Alive You Spin Me Round Buzzing Bees Mix 10:12
Dean & Danielle Victoria 05:11
Dean & Danielle Victoria Love Mix 04:30
Debbie Gibson Out Of The Blue 12" Club Mix 05:50
Debbie Gibson Only In My Dreams Extended Club Mix 06:34
Debbie Sharp Zapped By Love 07:05
Debbie Sharp Zapped By Love Original 06:39
Deborah Allen Telepathy Club Mix 07:55
Deborah Haslam Hot Stuff 07:10
Deborah Kinley Guerilla Vocal Version 04:24
Deborah Kinley Guerilla Club Version 04:24
Deborah Kinley Guerilla Vocal 06:29
Deborah Kinley All For You 06:45
Dee-Fecto …Like Sombreros Vocal Version 06:00
Dekka Danse Immagnetized Extended Mix 04:56
Del Faro Bandiera La Playa Del Sol 05:04
Del Garrett Hollywood (I Bring You My Heart) 06:24
Del’Crime Livin‘ In A Fantasy 04:46
Den Harrow Future Brain Authorized Remix 06:54
Den Ryder It’s Hard To Say Goodbye Bye-Bye-Mix 06:35
Denis Haines It Spoke To Me Of You Extended Version 05:44
Denise And Baby’s Gang Let’s Dance In The Music 05:01
Dens Dens Life Got No Sense (Without Love) 05:07
Deon Estus 1-2-3 Extended Version 00:00
Depeche Mode People Are People ON-USound-Remix 07:30
Derek Simon Mania Extended Version 05:50
Device Hanging On A Heart Attack Dance Mix 07:21
Dhuo The Baby Was You Remixed Extended Version ?
Di Matteo Diavolo (One Of These Nights) 05:18
Diamonds Lili Linda 03:41
Diana Barton Tango 08:35
Diana Est Le Louvre Instrumental Sctratching Version 07:23
Diana Est Le Louvre Vocal 07:02
Die Ärzte Wegen Dir Supermix 06:10
Die Ärzte Zu Spät Maxi Version 07:05
Die Ärzte Für Immer No-Time-Extended-Mix 05:27
Die Ärzte Du Willst Mich Küssen Disco-Kuschel Mix 05:24
Digital Emotion Get Up Action 05:50
Disasters Oh My God, This Sound… Vocal 06:30
Disc Bleu I’ve Got Your Number 04:26
Disciples Of Spess Another New Iceland 04:53
Distant Drums Halloween 03:41
Divieto Di Sosta Love Town 04:10
Divine Shake It Up Special Remix 09:28
Divo We Can’t Go On Remix Dance Version 05:15
DJ Program & Mr. Drummond Desire 06:00
Dodgems, The Lord Lucan Is Missing 03:20
Dodgems, The Science Fiction (Baby You’re So) 03:40
Dodo Dee Ciao Ciao Ciao Italo Mix 06:30
Dominique Regiacorte Tap Connection 05:08
Dominoe Here I Am 05:16
Dominoe Angel Don’t Cry Rock Mix 05:13
Don’t Stop She’s A Book With 7 Seals 06:54
Don’t Stop She’s A Book With 7 Seals Dub Mix 05:48
Don’t Stop‎ Under One Flag 06:08
Donna Laser Orchestra Vega Synthauri 06:46
Donna Summer I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt Extended Version 06:58
Donna Summer ‎ This Time I Know It’s For Real Extended Version 07:20
Donnette Robbins Stop! (You Take My Breath Away) 05:56
Donnette Robbins We’re Close To Heaven Vocal Version 04:46
Dons, The A Donde Vas? 05:52
Dorota Love Explosion 04:34
Double Date Feel It 07:06
Double Desire Don’t Want To Lose You 03:15
Dragon Rain Club Mix 06:45
Drajan Hippodrome’s Dream Disco Version 05:42
Dramatis No-One Lives Forever Remixed long version 05:50
Dramatis The Shame Dance Party Mix 1 05:25
Dramatis I Can See Her Now 06:05
Dry Ice Don’t Shoot Me (I’m Only A D.J.) 05:07
Duck You Sucker Love Is Criminal Magimix 08:12
Duck You Sucker Love Is Criminal Un-edited Version 04:54
Dusty Springfield Arrested By You Extended Version 05:46
Dyva Cannery The Canary Extended Dance Version 07:40
Eartha Kitt This is my life EXTANDED VERSION 00:00
East Wall Eyes Of Glass Vocal 07:00
Echo Romeo Your Tears 05:00
Eddy Grant Put A Hold On It New York Club Mix 08:51
Eddy Grant I Don’t Wanna Dance 05:00
Eddy Huntington May Day Remix 04:33
Eddy Huntington Physical Attraction 05:00
Eddy Huntington May Day 04:33
Eddy Huntington Hey Senorita Caribbean Version 04:42
Edy Band Sexy Lady Vocal Version 05:55
Egar Midnight Lady 06:18
Eight Point Five Mary Extended Version 05:37
Eighth Wonder Will You Remember Extended Mix 06:17
Eighth Wonder I’m Not Scared Little Louie Vega Mix 07:17
El Charr Drillin‘ Jungles 05:59
Electra Quando Quando Extended 05:40
Elephant I Don’t Wanna Lose You Remix 04:57
Elephant Just Tonight Remix 06:45
Eleven New York Groove 05:53
Eleven Here I Go Again 05:59
Élite Senza Tregua 04:34
Ellie Warren Satellites The Club Mix 05:37
Ellie Warren On A Night Like This As 7“ A Side 03:43
Ellie Warren The Loving Game (Medley) 12:40
Elton John Nikita Extended Version 05:43
Elton John Wrap her up Extended Remix 10:08
Elvin Luggi, Luggi, Ludwig 05:30
Eminence Hollywood By Night 03:40
Eminence Erotic Dance 04:22
Emy Six The Girl From The Space Vocal 04:19
Endgames Waiting For Another Chance Vocal 06:21
Endgames Desire Extended Version 07:34
Energy Dancing In The Night Vocal Version 05:10
Energy Talking About Extended 04:15
English Evenings English Evenings Club Mix 06:54
English Evenings English Evenings Extended Vocal Version 05:37
English Evenings Tear You Down Extended Version 06:13
English Evenings Tear You Down G.C.B. Mix 05:15
English Evenings Touch Extended Version 05:42
English Evenings Touch After Dark Mix 07:43
English Evenings I Will Return Midnight Manoeuvres Mix 06:07
English Evenings I Will Return No Surrender Mix 06:04
Erasure Sexuality 12" Mix 06:46
Erasure It Doesn’t Have To Be Boop Oopa Doo Mix 07:13
Erasure Stop! 12" Version 05:45
Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung Ba Ba Banküberfall Kriminell-Lange Maxi-Version 06:26
Escape From New York Save Our Love 05:06
Escape From New York Slow Beat Dance Mix 04:48
Escape From New York Fire In My Heart 05:21
Eskimos & Egypt Screams And Whispers 03:20
Europe Open Your Heart 04:04
Europe Superstitious 04:31
Europe Unisexappeal Vocal 06:02
European Toys So Look At Me Now 05:25
Eurythmics There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) Special Dance Mix 06:10
Evada Ooh My Love the Song 05:50
Exotic Birds, The Demon Dance 05:35
F.C.D.J. Hey, You D.J. 06:50
Fabio Battistelli Rondo Dance 04:50
Fable Time Russia Maxi Version 06:17
Fabulon Life On An Island 04:35
Fair Control We Can Fly Together 05:34
Fair Control Angel Eyes null 05:16
Fair Fax Young Girls Special-Mid-Atlantic-Mix 05:55
Fair Fax Satellite Dream The Capricorn Disaster Mix 07:49
Fame City Girl 04:04
Fans, The Olé, Olé, Olé (The Name Of The Game) Original Maxi Version 05:40
Fashion T. The Dance 04:45
Fashion T. Something That Reminds Me 05:21
Fashion T. Naked Sky 05:00
Fawzia Please, Don’t Be Sad Club Mix Version 07:20
Feargal Sharkey Loving You null 05:59
Fee Du Musst Zur Bundeswehr 05:26
Feel, The It’s All Right It’s O.K. Vocal 06:00
Feel, The Never 05:15
Feelabeelia Reach Out Nusaphenic Mix 00:00
Feelabeelia Culture Shock Extended Mix 00:00
Feelabeelia Feel It 06:42
Feelabeelia Feel It Gonzo Mix 08:30
Feelabeelia In The Middle Of The Night 03:57
Fiction Factory Ghost Of Love 05:16
Fiction Factory Ghost Of Love Special Dance Mix 00:00
Fiction Factory No Time Extended Mix 05:50
Fiction Factory Not The Only One Extended 06:13
Fiction Factory Not The Only One "Mix" Mix 03:51
Figo Nur Mit Dir 05:52
Figures On A Beach You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet 12“ Club Mix 06:10
Filipponio All’Arrembaggio Versione Europea 05:15
Filipponio All’Arrembaggio Versione U.S.A. 05:03
Filipponio All’Arrembaggio Dub Version 04:54
Filipponio Love Italiano Dance Version 07:04
Finzy Kontini Cha Cha Cha EXTANDED 05:03
First Affair Stay (Don’t Hide Away) Special Maxi Version 06:20
First Cut Tell Me, Tell Me (Shadow Dancing) null 07:13
First Cut Tell Me, Tell Me (Shadow Dancing) Mix Bizarre 05:05
First Cut Christmas Time 05:15
First Cut Treat Me Gently 06:10
First Cut Voices On The Radio 07:10
First Cut There’s Something In Your Eyes Maxi Version 06:42
Flex The Perfect Thing 04:08
Flex Free It Up 05:24
Florence Hey, Hey, Hey Maxi Version 05:13
Florence Hey, Hey, Hey ! 05:13
FM Bad Luck Extended Version 05:23
FM Someday (You’ll Come Running) Extended Version 05:28
FockeWulf 190 Gitano Vocal Extended 06:02
For-U Highway To China Final Chinese Wall Mix 05:50
Fou Gorki Big House Extended Dance Version 06:01
Fou Gorki Save Me Dancefloor Mix 07:22
Fou Gorki Big House Razormaid 06:17
Fountainhead, The Rhythm Method 07:47
Fountainhead, The Rhythm Method Dance Mix 07:22
Fountainhead, The Feel It Now Extended Mix 05:45
Fountainhead, The Sometimes 07:05
Four Tops Indestructible Extended Version 07:48
Frame By Frame Lies 07:30
France Gall Ella Elle L’A Remix 06:20
France Gall Babacar Extended Version 07:27
Franco Del Moro Lyeda 03:14
Franco Del Moro Sherekhan 03:36
Franco Rizzo California O.K. 05:50
Frankel You’re A Woman, I’m A Man 03:40
Frankel Lost For A Lifetime 03:10
Frankel Cold As Ice (Gimme Dynamite) 06:40
Franz and Frankie Secrets of the City 06:53
Franz And Frankie Secrets Of The City 06:52
Frau Cheeky Courting Club Version 06:36
Frazier Chorus Sloppy Heart 05:55
Frazier Chorus Dream Kitchen Extended Mix 04:26
Frazier Chorus 40 Winks Extended Mix 04:26
Frederick M. Following Directions 04:42
Frederick M. Time And Pain 04:58
Frederick M. We Go In Threes 05:25
Fresh The Wolf (El Lobo) Vocal Version 05:25
Fresh Color Disco Future null 05:40
Fresh Color Sing With Me Tonight 06:01
Froon Missing Pieces Extended Version 07:38
Fun Gang Just For Fun 05:13
Funkmeister War Dance Invasion Mix 06:26
Funkmeister War Dance The Glory Mix 07:46
Funkmeister War Dance Under Fire Mix 04:52
Funkmeister Battle Beat 06:35
Future Sense People From Nowhere 07:15
Future Toys Perfect Strangers 05:08
Gaily News Do The Batdance 05:25
Garbo Perestroika Gorbi Dance Mix 07:32
Gatsby Love Sign Vocal 06:00
Gazuzu Aruba Remake 06:05
Geff Harrison Bad New York City 06:40
Geier Sturzflug Besuchen Sie Europa (Solange Es Noch
Geier Sturzflug Bruttosozialprodukt 04:33
Gemini Magdalena null 06:09
Generation Fight For You Radio Mix 04:25
Gentle Kick Stay By You Tonight Heartbeat Mix 07:04
Gentleman In War Why Many Things In The End Extended Version 04:30
George Aaron Just For You 06:50
George Gray Life Vocal Version 05:54
George Gray Life Vocal 06:00
George Monroe I’m Not In Love Drumversion 07:07
Géraldine Danon Dans Mes Yeux 03:17
Giak Inside You Vocal 06:49
Gianco Old Night Flight Vocal 07:15
Gianna Nannini‎ I Maschi Long Version 06:05
Gin Marlow All The People People Version 05:35
Gin Marlow All The People Club Version 07:10
Gina Falvini Shooting Star 06:22
Gina Falvini Where Do You Go 05:35
Gina Lamour I’m Gonna Make You Want Me 06:40
Gina T. Hey Angel Flighing Angel Mix 06:08
Gina T. ‎ In My Fantasy 06:49
Gina T. ‎ Tokyo By Night 05:50
Gino Everybody Is Chic Electro Mix 05:53
Giorgia Morandi Jump For Joy Boom Boom Edit 06:40
Girly Working Girl (One Way Love Affair) 05:10
Giusy Ravizza Light Vocal 05:21
Giusy Ravizza Save The Fire Vocal 06:49
Glass Tiger Diamond Sun Extended Version 07:11
Glasses Crystals part 1 06:07
Glasses Crystals Part 2 5:40
Glen White TV Lover 06:02
Glen White TV Lover 06:02
Glenn Frey The Heat Is On Extended Version 06:04
Glove, The Like An Animal Club, What Club? Mix 06:36
Glove, The Mouth To Mouth 05:35
Go Let Your Love Flow Extended Version 06:57
Go To Girl Of The 80s 07:00
Go To Girl Of The 80s Dub Version 08:00
God Said Out Of Time 00:00
Govindo Ou Ka Vini Com Moin 07:03
Grace Slick Dreams Long Version 05:04
Grace Slick Seasons 03:23
Grace Slick Fool Moon Man 05:05
Grace Slick All The Machines Edit Version 03:34
Grandplaz ‎ Wow Wow – Na Na Extended Mix 06:58
Grant Miller Lost In Paradise Extended Version 05:05
Greta Strike My Lonely Time 06:21
Greta Striller Linger One Vocal Version 06:50
Greta Viví Cinema 04:05
Gris regard Le Duel Rouge 05:30
Gris Regard We’ll Fly Away 04:50
Gris Regard I Need A Smile 04:15
H2O I Dream To Sleep 05:21
H2O I Dream To Sleep Engineers Mix 03:47
H2O Just Outside Of Heaven Extended Mix 04:19
H2O Just Outside Of Heaven 6 A.M. Mix 05:34
H2O All That Glitters (Rusts In Time) Extended Mix 00:00
H2O Who’ll Stop The Rain Remix 00:00
H2O You Take My Breath Away Extended Version 00:00
H2O Blue Diamond Extended Version 05:10
Hambi & The Dance L’Image Craqué 04:30
Hambi & The Dance L’Image Craqué Dub 05:40
Hambi & The Dance I Don’t Want To Lose You 03:50
Hammond And West Give A Little Love 05:47
Hanover Fist Razor Garden 12" 08:06
Hanover Fist Razor Garden Dance Mix 07:10
Hanover Fist The Tyger 06:00
Hanover Fist The Tyger Purr Version 05:14
Hanover Fist American Dream Dance Mix 06:08
Hanover Fist Femme Fatale Dance Mix 05:48
Hanover Fist Love Kills Dance Mix 05:45
Hanover Fist Boys In Furs Baton Rouge Mix 07:03
Happy Hour Wie Geht’s ? Viergeht’sgut Mix 05:30
Haysi Fantayzee Shiny Shiny Extended Version 04:25
Hazell Dean No Fool (For Love) The Murray Mix 06:00
Hazell Dean Maybe (We Should Call It A Day) 06:40
HBO Come With Me Disco Version 06:15
Heartbreak Force Partytalk 05:38
Helen Arnesen Dr. Love 07:15
Hemyl Keep On Rockin‘ 06:15
Hemyl Keep On Rockin‘ Mix By M.M.G. 06:50
Hemyl Spend A Little Time 06:30
Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass Bullish Monster Funk Mix 05:30
Herbert Grönemeyer Kinder An Die Macht 04:40
Herbert Grönemeyer Tanzen Extended Remix 08:24
Herbert Grönemeyer Nur Noch So Extended Remix 04:55
Herbie I Can’t Hide Extended Street Mix 06:20
Herwig Mitteregger Immer Mehr 06:28
Hohokam Harlequin Tears Extended 08:19
Holly Johnson Americanos Extended Version By Justin Strauss 06:44
Holly Johnson Love Train Ride The "A" Train 06:52
Holly Johnson Heaven’s Here Mount Olympus Mix 09:23
Hoorah! Boys Hoorah! Is This What You Promised Me? Extended Dance Mix 05:15
Hot Chocolate Every 1’s A Winner Extended Groove Mix by Ben Liebrand 06:35
Hot Cold I Can Hear Your Voice 05:30
Hot Rox Summer Fever 04:59
Hotline I Hear You Knocking 06:53
Howard Grace Special Long Version Monovision 05:42
Howard Grace Monovision Special Long Version 05:42
Howard Jones Like To Get To Know You Well International Remix 07:40
Howard Jones Look Mama Extended Mix 09:03
Howard Jones Will You Still Be There? 04:41
Howard Jones Everlasting Love 808 Mix 06:31
Hubert Kah The Picture 12“Remix 04:50
Hubert Kah Angel 07 Extended Version 06:10
Hugh Bullen Night Girl Vocal Club Mix 06:30
Humpe & Humpe No Longer Friends Extended Version 05:35
Humphrey Robertson Don’t Stop Loving Me Disco Mix 05:40
Hypnosis Bormaz 08:45
I-Spies, The Change Of Life 04:35
ICE MC Cinema The Oscar Mix 05:27
ICE MC ‎ Scream Extended Atomic Remix 06:55
ICE MC ‎ Easy Extended Revolution Mix 05:38
Icehouse Mr. Big Extended Version 05:56
Icehouse No Promises Single Version 03:59
Icehouse No Promises Extended Mix 06:09
Icehouse Cross The Border (Steel Love) Dance Mix 06:37
Icehouse Electric Blue 12" Version 06:42
Ignatius Jones Like A Ghost An M & M Mix 06:15
Ignatius Jones Like A Ghost Original Version 06:38
Ignatius Jones Whispering Your Name 03:40
Illusion Illusion 05:55
Illusion Illusion Drum-Mix 03:25
Illusion Illusion Holland Mix 07:10
Illustrated Man Just Enough Extended Mix 00:00
Illustrated Man Sensation 04:34
Illustrated Man Head Over Heels Extended Head 06:05
Illustrated Man Head Over Heels Over-Dub 05:43
Illustrated Man Head Over Heels The Heel 04:19
Image Hot Stuff null 06:28
Images Les Démons De Minuit 06:05
Imagination The last time The Long Cool Mix 08:12
Imagination Instinctual Jack Leee Freak Mix – Full Length Version 09:15
Industry State Of The Nation Version Longue 04:35
Infam I Won’t Loose My Faith 03:38
Information Society Running Swamp Mix 06:55
Information Society What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) Club Mix 08:00
Information Society Walking Away Space Age Mix 06:36
Information Society Lay All Your Love On Me Justin Strauss Remix 06:26
Ingela Do The Motion 05:33
Init Another Man Vocal 06:38
Init Another Man Remix 06:38
Interface Lover On The Video 03:42
Intimate Strangers Raise The Dragon Extended American Remix 06:08
Intimate Strangers Raise The Dragon Extended European Remix 05:50
Invidia Plaza De Toros Olé Version 06:30
Invisible Limits ‎ Golden Dreams X-Tended Mix 07:25
Ireen State Of Emergency 06:50
Ishtar Ca Va Craquer 03:10
Italian Boys Gigolo Remix 04:50
Ivan Fotonovela Summer Remix 06:14
Ivy’s Day In Another Time 04:30
J.S.R. Understars 05:15
Jack’s Project Wake Up Re-edited Long Version 05:26
Jack´s Project Nightflight 05,43
Jacqueline Every Beat Of My Heart BPM 122 Version 05:35
James D Skyhawk Hunter Vocal 06:00
James D. Señor 05:30
Janet Lee You Need The Light 03:12
Jasmine Runaway Extended Mix 05:24
Jawoll Rendezvous – Ich Hab‘ Dich Seit
Langem Nicht Gesehen
Jean Louis Levant Say 05:00
Jean-Michel Navarre J’Ai Pas Sommeil Special Club Mix 05:35
Jean-Michel Navarre Je L’ai Dans La Peau Maxi 03:50
Jean-Michel Navarre Betty Remic Club 05:04
Jeff Thomass Cuts Like A Knife 05:20
Jeff Thomass I Should Should Dance 05:15
Jeff Thomass I Should Should Dance Special Mix 04:03
Jeff Thomass Lucy Is Back In Town 07:58
Jeff Thomass Heroes 05:42
Jellybean Just a Mirage 12“Remix 05:45
Jennifer Bell Together Forever Extended Dance Version 05:20
Jennifer Munday Invisible Vocal 06:07
Jennifer Rush Ring Of Ice Extended Remix 05:20
Jennifer Rush Destiny 07:15
Jenny Carter When The Boys Come (Knocking On My
Jenny Carter Sega Long Version 00:00
Jermaine Jackson Do You Remember Me? 12 Inch Mix 07:20
Jerry Co Mathematic Dance 05:22
Jessica Sympathy Extended Version 06:24
Jessica C’est La Vie, Mon Chérie Super Disco Dance Version 05:20
Jessica Like A Burning Star 05:02
Jessica Brown Revelation Vocal 06:00
Jester Never Dreaming Man 04:14
Jet Set Band Say Goodbye To Rainy Days 04:21
Jets, The Crush On You Extended Version 06:35
Jetstone Ju-Ju Extended Version 05:25
Jimmy The Hoover Kill Me Kwik 00:00
Jimy K She’s Gone Away Vocal 06:38
Joe Car Dancing Dode Vocal 06:15
Joe Mc Roy & Saloon‘ Girls Band Little Cow-Boy / Rap On 07:40
Joe Mc Roy & Saloon‘ Girls Band Little Cow-Boy Rap-On Horse Programm 06:12
Johan Lindell Ghost Dancing 06:13
John Adams Through the eyes of love 12" Mix 07:05
John Arrow Mexico Vocal Version 05:30
John Christian Ebony Eyes Maxi Version 05:47
John F. Und Die Gropiuslerchen Berlin, Berlin (…Dein Herz Kennt
Keine Mauern)
John Waite These Times Are Hard For Lovers Jellybean Mix 06:02
Johnny Hates Jazz Me And My Foolish Heart 12" Mix 05:52
Johnny Hates Jazz Turn Back The Clock Extended Mix 07:05
Johnny Nash Rock Me Baby 05:53
Joli Band Paradiso 06:00
Jona Lewie Louise (We Get It Right) Extended Version 04:01
Jona Lewie Love Detonator Re-mix Extended 12" Version 04:48
Journey I’ll Be Alright Without You Hot Mix 04:50
Joy Touch By Touch Touch Mix 05:26
Joy It Happens Tonight 06:02
Joy Rider Point Of No Return Extended Version 05:58
Julie Coulson Big Time Operator Remix 07:36
Julie Pietri Listen To Your Heart Remix Club 06:40
Jullan Because Of Love English Version 00:00
Jullan Imaginary Doll 04:03
Jullan Rouge Train Express 00:00
K. Barré‎ Right By The Moon Extended Vocal Edit 09:30
K.B. Caps Julia Maxi-Mix 07:08
K.B. Caps Catch Me Now I’m Falling 06:34
K.B. Caps Do You Really Need Me 06:41
K.K. Toès Miss Tropico 04:30
K.O. Entzückend Maxi 05:12
Kado Tonight Extended Dance Version 06:10
Kajay Shangai Hero Vocal Version 05:50
Kajay Shangai Hero Chorus Version 05:50
Kamerata Charlotte (The Innocent Pleasure) 07:20
Kanji Dancing Star Extended Version-Seikan Remix 04:42
Kaoma Lambada Version Longue 06:44
Karina Hidi-Ho… Dance With Dolly Vocal 04:18
Karisma Six, Two, Eight 07:13
Karl Keaton Love’s Burn Dance Mix 06:25
Kashmir I Want To Be null 07:01
Kasso A New Life 04:30
Kathy Joe Daylor With Every Beat Of My Heart 06:34
Katie Kissoon I Need A Man In My Life Extended Club Mix 06:43
Katrina And The Waves Que Te Quiero Dance Mix 06:26
Katrina And The Waves Do You Wnat Crying Extended Version 05:14
Katz Loving You Is All I Know Maxi Disco Mix 06:48
Kay Franzes Take Me And You’ll Win Special Maxi Version 05:45
Kay Franzes Shadow In The Night Special Club-Mix 06:20
Kay Franzes Burning Desire Hot Burning Mix 06:52
Kay Franzes Twilight Generation (Na, Na, Na, Na) 05:44
Kay Shan Confusion 05:30
Kay Shan Confusion D.J. Version 05:30
Kel-Air & Band Band Tuareg 05:49
Ken Laszlo Tonight Re – Remix 07:28
Kenny Masters S.O.S.-Fire In My Heart Special Extended Version 05:33
Kim Lamour Love Maker 07:26
Kim Wilde You Keep Me Hanging On Extended WCH Club Mix 06:28
Kim Wilde You Came The Shep Pettibone Mix 07:37
Kingdoms Heartland Extended Version 04:44
Kingdoms Stability Extended Version 05:02
Kinky Go Gimme The Love Vocal Version 06:40
Kinky Go Gimmy The Love 10:00
Kinky Go Gimme The Love USSR Remix 07:02
Kirah Take Me To The Sun 07:01
Kirlian Camera Communicate Instrumental Version 07:22
Kirlian Camera Edges Dance Version 08:07
Kirlian Camera Blue Room Extended Version 05:50
Kirlian Camera Ocean Extended Version 07:00
Kirlian Camera Austria Full Metal Mix 10:55
Kirlian Camera Austria Night Mix 05:55
Kirlian Camera Tor Zwei Full Lenght Version 10:00
Kiwi & Tess Show Your Love Extended Version 05:00
Kiwi & Tess Give Your Heart Extended Version 05:56
Klassik Rainbow Friend 05:45
Kliché I Will Stay 03:51
Kombi You Are Wrong Club Mix 06:38
Konty Introught The Night Dance Version 05:40
Koo Dé Tah Think Of Me 06:23
Koola News, The Don’t! Afternoon Delight Mix 03:49
Koola News, The Don’t! After Midnight Groove 03:38
Koola News, The Don’t – Let Go! Midnight Dance Mix 05:38
Koola News, The Beatmaster 06:01
Koola News, The Don’t Let Go Midnight Dance Mix 05:38
Koreana Hand In Hand Extended Version 05:01
Koto Japanese War Game Mega Track 08:24
Koto Jabdah Mega Remix 07:00
Krush House Arrest 03:43
Krush House Arrest (The Beat Is The Law) 06:35
Krypton Tokyo Girl null 06:29
Krystyna Let The Night Take The Blame Extended Version 06:10
Kylie Gane Bohemien Dance Mix 05:50
Kylie Minogue Got To Be Certain Extra Beat Boys Remix 06:50
Kylie Minogue Hand On Your Heart Great Aorta Mix 06:26
Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan Especially For You 05:00
L.I.F.E. It Happens All The Time 06:00
L’Affair Don’t Fly Away 03:51
Lady Lily Non É Vero Long Special Version 05:15
Laid Back Sunshine Reggae Long Version 06:28
Laid Back Elevatorboy 04:53
Lame‘ You’ve Got The Night 05:50
Language Touch The Radio "Dance" 06:49
Language Retouch The Radio "Dance" 06:59
Language We’re Celebrating (Boys And Girls Come Out To
12" Remixed Version 00:00
Language Goodbye Indian Summer 06:25
Language Touch The Road Dance 06:49
Language I’m Just A Boyfriend 05:46
Language Experience 06:20
Laredo Veliero 05:15
Larry Day Fashion Girl Vocal 05:35
Laserdance Humanoid Invasion Dance Mix 07:12
Laserdance Shotgun (Into The Night) Space Mix 08:29
Laserdance Goody’s Space Dream Extended Mix 06:42
Latin Lover ‎ Dr. Love null 05:50
Laura Angel If You Want 04:22
Laura Angel Summer Time 04:36
Lazarus Wait Extended Version 06:15
Le Camomilla Body 05:41
Le One In Communique 05:51
Le One In Communique Part II 05:51
Lee Young Napoleon (Napolion) Tecno Side 05:00
Lee Young Napoleon (Napolion) Soft Side 06:15
Lelo I’m The Suicide 03:21
Lelo And The Levants All I Want 03:04
Lena Connection 07:52
Lene Lovich Blue Hotel Dance Mix 05:17
Lene Lovich Wonderland New York Dance Mix 08:07
Les Enfants Shed A Tear (There You Go) Extended Mix 00:00
Les Enfants Slipaway Extended Version 05:10
Les McKeown Love Hurts And Love Heals Long Version 05:05
Les Montes Dreams Of Rio 06:26
Les Montes Night Life 05:06
Lia D’Angelo You Can Believe Me Mo 04:10
Lian Ross Say You’ll Never 06:41
Life Without Principle No Going Home 05:07
Life, Love & Liberty Teenage Runaway 06:30
Life, Love & Liberty Young Boy 06:40
Light, The Pride Of Winning Long Version 04:50
Light, The Contrasting Strangers Temptation Mix 05:32
Limahl Too Much Trouble Lovers Heartbeat Mix 06:16
Limahl Tar Beach The City Blues Mix 05:59
Limahl Colour All My Days (Da Color A Mis Días) Album Version 04:46
Limahl Love In Your Eyes Extended Version 07:24
Limahl Inside To Outside The Happening Mix 06:59
Limbo Koblaz Doctor Edison Vocal Version 06:43
Lime You’re My Magician 07:32
Linda Lewis Class/Style (I’ve Got It) Groove Mix 05:50
Linda San Martino Night-Time Remix 06:58
Linda William’‎ Traces Special Remix 06:11
Lipps Reach Out I’ll Be There Disco-Party-Mix 00:00
Lipps Turn Me On Hot Groove-Version 00:00
Lisa Rocket To Your Heart 09:37
Lisa And The Plain Truth Doin‘ It Extended Hot Mix 07:37
Lisa Carter Doctors Orders Extended Version 07:09
Liz Mitchell Marinero Extended Mix 00:00
Liza Mancini Follow Me Follow Me 06:00
Liza Mancini A Summer Night 05:35
Logic Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho 03:20
Lois And Lane Turn On The Night Dance Mix 07:54
Lois And Lane Turn On The Night House Mix 06:45
London Boys Requiem Maxi Version 07:59
London Boys London Nights PWL Remix 07:33
Lonely Boys Hold Me Extended Remix 06:33
Look Back In Anger Grey Sky 04:47
Look Back In Anger Caprice 04:40
Los Angeles Videomania 03:43
Los Bravos Black Is Black ’86 Dance Mix 06:42
Lou Sern‎ Swiss Boy null 05:05
Loui$ Summer In The Dark 05:37
Love Kills I Want To Become Mix 06:11
Love Kills I Want To Become Remix 06:30
Lover Speaks, The Every Lover’s Sign New Extended Mix 05:57
Lover Speaks, The Every Lover’s Sign Dub Mix 06:37
Lover Speaks, The No More "I Love You’s" 04:04
Lover Speaks, The Tremble Dancing Extended 04:27
Lover Speaks, The I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten 12" Dance Mix 04:50
Luciana Like A Rainy Day Unreleased Extended Version 06:04
Lucky Ross Lookin‘ Back 06:24
Luisa Fernandez Lay Love On You ’87 Remake ’87 07:25
Lyz Killer Vocal 06:40
Lyz Killer Instrumental Remixed Version 07:00
M Over M I’m Scared 04:08
M=P.B. Co-Operation 08:03
Madigan Ice Cold Love Vocal Version 07:05
Madigan Chance Extended Version 05:58
Magali Come On And Dance 03:30
Magenes Back To Singapore 06:10
Magic I Wanna Be Your Lover 05:07
Major Thinkers Avenue B Dub Version 05:15
Major Thinkers Humanesque Dub Version 05:30
Major Thinkers Humanesque 05:20
Malabolge Rains Come Down 03:30
Mandy Boys And Girls 12“Version 07:39
Mandy He’s My Boy 03:49
Mandy Don’t You Want Me Baby Cocktail Mix 05:53
Mandy Winter Julian Maxi-Mix 05:25
Manhattan Project That’s Impossible 07:11
Mania Shine Shine Shine Remix 06:10
Manige Two Of A Kind 03:35
Manuel Golden Boy Extended Mix 05:44
Maracaibo Sliders The Last Butterfly 06:00
Maracaibo Sliders Holiday To Hell 06:00
Marc Line Little Girl 06:36
Marco Martina Venture In My Heart Mix Version 05:44
Margie M. China Boy 05:42
Maria Vidal Body Rock Dance Mix 06:27
Mariana Talk About Love Special DJ Mix 04:10
Marianne Rosenberg I Need Your Love Tonight 05:13
Marilyn Loves Pink Never Say Goodbye 12" Version 05:08
Marilyn Loves Pink Never Say Goodbye Dub Mix 08:29
Marina Time For Us 05:40
Mark Adams I Know Your Mind 05:58
Mark Boyce Hey Little Girl 06:15
Mark Farina So Long Original Mix 05:30
Mark Shreeve Legion Razor Mix 05:41
Mark Spiro One For You, One For Me Long Version – Special US Dance Remix 05:39
Mark Spiro Morocco Extended Version 06:00
Mark Turner & Lorens Goodman Live Your Life Vocal 05:40
Markus Ich Will Spaß 04:28
Marlene Ricci Tonight Extended Version 05:08
Marlon Too Much… I Love You Sexy Dance Version 05:00
Martin Human Rocks And Caves 03:37
Martini My Mind club mix 06:10
Martini Four Styles 04:01
Martinique Fantastic Life Maxi-Mix 05:25
Martinique No Regrets (Non, Je Ne Regrette
Martinique No Regrets (Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien) null 05:37
Martinique King Of Hearts 06:59
Martinique La Vie En Rose 06:18
Mary ‚O La Befana 03:18
Marylin Love Another Love Vocal 05:38
Massimo Vita Jenny 06:24
Match, The Boom-Boom Boris (The All Wimbledon Boy) Special Maxi Version 06:10
Matia Bazar Ti Sento Italienische Version 05:40
Matia Bazar Elettrochoc 06:22
Matia Bazar Noi Extended Version 05:06
Mauro Buona Sera – Ciao Ciao New Trend Mix 06:16
Max Anderson The Night (Hey Ho Ho) Vocal Remix 06:08
Max Him Lady Fantasy Remix 06:30
Max Him No Escape Remix 06:04
Max Werner Roadrunner Special Dance Mix 05:58
Maxx, The Cocaine 04:54
Maybe Wildsau 03:30
MC2 X-Tasy Erotic Aha Mix 05:37
Me And Now You 03:40
Me & The Heat Naked Bodies Shouting Dance Mix 07:00
Me & The Heat Wishes Asking For The Sense 06:57
Meccano Down Down Romeo Extendend Version 05:20
Meet Point The Key Of The Night In-Version 06:28
Mega You Got A Bausparvertrag
Mel Brooks To Be Or Not To Be Part 1 07:43
Melissa Manchester Thief Of Hearts Dance Mix 06:12
Men Of Time Time Time Vocal 05:40
Men Of Time Time Time Free Mix 05:58
Men Without Hats Moonbeam Beam Me Up Version / Extended Vocal Version 07:42
Men Without Hats Pop Goes The World Extended Dance Mix 04:38
Mental As Anything Live It Up Extended Remix 06:06
Messalina Messalina 06:54
Metropolis See No Reason 03:11
Mex Calling You Vocal 06:26
Mex I’m Occupied 05:18
Miami Sound Machine Falling In Love (Uh-Oh) Extended Remix 06:08
Michael Chambosse And Friends
Feat. Peter Pollmann
Timemachine 05:04
Michael Copson Storia 05:58
Michael Copson Storia Club Version 05:58
Michael Damian Rock On Mega Mix 06:28
Michael Fortunati Give Me Up 06:15
Michael Fortunati Into The Night (Slip And Slide) Club Version 05:10
Michael Heart She’s A Model null 05:48
Michael Jass Venice & Moonlight null 04:00
Michael McClay Heart To Heart 03:44
Michael Pencil That’s Right 05:40
Michael Prince Dance Your Love Away Disorder Mix 06:54
Michelle Féerie Vocal 04:50
Midnight Star Operator Remix 13:21
Mike Edwards Beat Of My Heart 06:00
Mike Rogers Happy Moon Vocal Version 05:10
Mike Rogers Just A Story Vocal 06:25
Mike Steven Two Hearts Dance Version 06:40
Mike Steven Two Hearts Original Version 06:02
Mike Weyman Don’t Think Twice 06:06
Miko Mission Two For Love Mozzart Mix 05:08
Miko Mission The World Is You Re-Edit 06:55
Miko Mission Toc Toc Toc 05:02
Milou You And Me 06:16
Milva Marinero Extended Version 06:20
Mimi The Man’s So Real Special Remix 06:13
Mindy Love It’s A Shame 04:20
Minnie And The Underfunk Lover Baby 03:34
Minnie And The Underfunk Privation 04:57
Mirage No More No War 05:50
Missing Scientists Discotheque X 06:00
Mister X Sweet Child 06:26
Mockers, The My Girl Thinks She’s Cleopatra 03:40
Mockers, The The Good Old Days 04:10
Mockers, The Forever Tuesday Morning 03:39
Modas‘ Day By Day Vocal 06:15
Mode/Iq Looking Thru Your Mind 04:30
Modem Valérie Instrumental 06:31
Modern Hungária Elfújja A Szél Original Album Version 04:32
Modern Hungária Tíz Kicsi Indián Original Album Version 03:58
Modern Hungária Keserű Csók Original Album Version 03:59
Modern Life Mineral Waters 06:00
Modern Life Time In Your Mind 04:28
Modern Mannequins Streets Of Broken Glass 05:10
Modern Mannequins Certain Reality 06:45
Modern Science Gotta Be 1st 05:03
Modern Talking Atlantis is calling instrumental version 03:59
Modern Trouble Fly To Moscow null 05:37
Modmach Security 03:17
Monica Zanda Give Up Vocal Version 04:54
Monikers Mad About You 03:19
Monique I Wanna Hold Your Hand 03:45
Monte Kristo The Girl Of Lucifer Extended Version 05:25
Monte Video & The Cassettes Shoop-Shoop, Diddy-Wop, Cumma-Cumma, Wang-Dang Dance Version 05:44
Moris Cavalero Trust In Me Now 06:00
Mosfets The Great War 03:31
Moskwa TV Brave New World 06:12
Mothmen, The Show Me Your House And Car 12" Mix 06:01
Mothmen, The Temptation 06:22
Moulin Rouge D.J. I Wanna Be Your Record Cut And Come Again Mix 05:00
Moy Somebody Smile 05:00
Moy Somebody Smile Dub Version 06:20
Moy‘ Fragile Disco Version 07:30
Moy‘ Fragile Rock Version 07:30
Mozzart ‎ Money 05:52
Mozzart Malice & Vice 05:10
Mozzart Devil’s Rendezvous 07:02
Mr. Black Monnalisa Steiv Version 05:40
Mr. Chips Lady Night 04:45
Mr. Chips Lady Night Fizzy Version 05:45
Mr. Chips No More 05:58
Mr. Chips No More Fizzy Version 06:15
Mr. Flagio Get The Night 06:00
Mr. Zivago ‎ Tell By Your Eyes Extended Version 05:03
Mummy Calls Beauty Has Her Way Extended Remix 07:14
Mummy Calls Let’s Go Album Version 05:43
Munich Your Turn 04:33
Munich American Girl Special Maxi-Version 06:42
Music For Pleasure Light Extended 06:12
Music For Pleasure Time Extended Version 05:46
Music For Pleasure Slide Extended Version 04:53
Music For Pleasure Dark Crash null 03:51
My Favourite Toys Just One Kiss Extended Kiss-Mix 06:05
My Favourite Toys Life Of A Toy Favourite Mix 06:28
My Favourite Toys Life Of A Toy Latnemurtsni Mix 03:58
My Favourite Toys Come Half-Time-Mix 04:52
My Mine Cupid Girl 06:08
My Sin You End Up Swimming 05:57
My Sin Moonlight Mile 06:27
Mystery Assignment Cloud Nine 07:24
Mystery Girls, The Boogie Then Cry Extended Version 06:32
Mystery Girls, The Ash In Drag Extended Version 06:08
Mystic Rhythm Killer On The Rampage 07:27
Myxoma Don’t Runaway 05:45
N + M, The Lady Rappers School Rap The-Not-Really-A-Schoolfan-Version 07:02
Nadia Cassini Too Late 05:58
Nadia Dorine Help Is On It’s Way Extended Version 05:47
Nancy Boyd Do What You Want 06:31
Nancy Boyd What Do I See (The Finger Of
Nancy Boyd Satellites 00:00
Nancy Boyd With Special Guest Demis Roussos Summerwine Extended Version 05:42
Nancy Dee High Tension Club 08:23
Nancy Dee Gonna Getcha 07:09
Nancy Venables Tell Me Tonight 06:16
Natascha King On Ice Remix 07:05
Nathalie My Love Won’t Let You Down 04:20
National Pastime It’s All A Game Extended Mix 05:02
National Pastime Idle Threats Extended Mix 05:13
National Pastime No Goodbyes Extended Mix 06:12
National Pastime Lunacy Extended Mix 06:20
National Pastime Built To Break Trailer Version 03:06
National Pastime Close Your Eyes And See 04:44
National Pastime Pictures On Your Wall 05:55
Natural Scientist 7 Not 17 Ways 05:37
Necropolis Of Love Talk 04:28
Necropolis Of Love Done & Gone 05:04
Necropolis Of Love The Tunnel 06:55
Necropolis Of Love Dance 06:42
Neon Fade To Grey 05:20
Neon Skydiver 04:42
Nera Veroni Excalibur Vocal Version 06:55
Network News Dance Mix 07:40
Neurox A Raving Night 05:06
New Baccara Call me up Special DJ Mix 05:03
New Baccara Talisman Spanish Version 05:55
New Order True Dub 10:41
New Romance Romantic Video High Tech Dance Mix 06:45
New Romantique Shy Like An Angel 05:38
New Romantique Shy Like An Angel 05:38
New Scientists The Storm null 08:10
Newton Family I Love You Original Album Version 05:06
Next You’re An Illusion Vocal 04:25
Nicci Gable Strange Desire Hi-Energy Mix 08:20
Nick Carr Jane 05:22
Nick Carr Disco Granny (The Baby-Sitter Song) The Woodpecker Dance Mix (Including The Nurse
Nick Dyreen It’s All Right 06:00
Nick Dyreen It’s All Right Club Mix 05:09
Nick Letizia Baby Blue Dance Version 06:10
Night Society Hold Me Tight (Tonight) 06:10
Night Station Loving Nights Club Mix 05:50
Nightcatchers, The I Can’t Believe Special Extended Remix 00:00
Nightmares In Wax Black Leather 05:06
Nik Kershaw Wide Boy Extended Mix 05:07
Nilla Backman Even If You Say Club Mix 05:45
Nilla Backman New Day Extended Version 05:30
Nina Hagen & Lene Lovich Don’t Kill The Animals Disco Version 06:10
Nina Pée You’re The Sun Of My Life 06:30
Nine Ways To Win ‎ Close To You Remix 04:40
Nine Ways To Win ‎ Painting Over Cracks Long Version 05:15
Ninja Falling Down Vocal 06:20
Ninja Mad About Love 06:50
Ninja Mad About Love D.J.Version 06:50
Nino De Angelo Guardian Angel Extended Mix 04:15
Nino De Angelo Young Blood Extended Mix 04:05
Nino De Angelo Doch Tränen Wirst Du Niemals Sehen Lange Version 05:00
Nino De Angelo Engel Der Nacht Lange Version 05:03
Nino De Angelo Wenn Du Geh’n Willst, Dann Geh Lange Version 06:24
Nino De Angelo Samuraj 05:00
Noa-Noa Harry ‚O Vocal Version 06:00
Noel Williams And Extras feat. Benji “The Mad Bomber” Street Talk Dub 05:36
Noel Williams And Extras feat. Benji “The Mad Bomber” Street Talk Vocal 09:36
Noëlle Joyceky Somebody In The Sun Vocal 07:01
Nómo Red Lipstick Vocal Mix 06:03
Nómo Red Lipstick Dub Mix 05:34
Noname Fashion Club Mix 06:50
Nora Vaya Con Dios 05:45
Norman Let’s Go To The Beach Vocal Version 06:47
Norman Farrow Under The Moonlight 04:35
Nova Some Simplicity 03:49
Nova Give Me A Moment Club Mix 05:25
Nuova Sensacion In Linea 04:13
O’Chi Brown Rock Your Baby Full Version 09:46
Obi Wan Dancing In My Mind 03:45
Obi Wan Nobody Calls Me 04:00
Ocean Wings Loving In The Snow Vocal 06:18
Ohama Meets Dania Take Me Dancing 05:27
Ohama Meets Dania Lonely Heart Dance 06:13
Okay Education 06:24
Okay Featuring Valerie Vannobel Une Grande Affaire 06:06
Olga Universal Dancer Vocal 07:00
Olga Play Another Song For Me 06:50
Olga Play Another Song For Me Play Another Dub For Me 07:45
Olga Power Play Extended Mix 07:47
Olga Power (House) Play Condo Mix 06:24
Olga Power (Dub) Play 05:30
Olga It Happens Every Time Extended Mix 06:18
Olga It Happens Every Time Condo Mix 05:42
Oliver Maass Magic Violin Long Special Version 05:10
Oliver Simon Kiss You All Over Extended Kiss-Mix 07:05
On T.V. Holiday Love Affair 05:50
One I’ll Wait Long Version 05:00
One I Believe Half Truth Mix 04:39
One I Believe Truth Mix 04:36
One Games Of Love 05:21
One Son Of The Sun 05:35
One Of Them Jump In Extended Dance Mix 05:48
One System Life Is Very Short 06:00
One To One There Was A Time Dance Mix 04:47
One Two Dance All Days 06:25
One Two Night Dancer 06:50
Opus Faster And Faster Running Fast Version 06:19
Orange Juice Two Hearts Together 04:11
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark‎ Telegraph Extended Version 05:36
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark‎ Tesla Girls Specially Remixed Version 05:03
Orlando Johnson With Just A Kiss Vocal 06:10
Outbar Away From The Heat Extended Harlem Mix 05:47
Outbar Away From The Heat Radio Mix 00:00
Outbar Away From The Heat 12“ Cement Mix 00:00
Outside Edge Heartbeat Away 04:52
P.A.C. Star Of My Street Vocal Version 05:40
P.E.P.E. Shadiley Vocal 05:55
P.T. Connection I Can See The Rainbow 04:20
P4F Diamond 07:18
Paciscopi Love’s Harmony 06:40
Palmer Computer Guy Dance Mix 06:53
Palmer I Don’t Feel Good 05:41
Panic Ticket To The Tropics Extended Club Mix 00:00
Panic Ticket To The Tropics O.D. Mix 00:00
Panic Move Your Body 04:28
Panic She’s Not There (Ella No Está) Extended Version 05:23
Panorama The Key Of Your Life 05:00
Panorama Stealin Extended 05:15
Panorama War In Love Vocal 05:50
Panther Rex Goodbye My Love Maxi Version 06:33
Panther Rex High Or Low Maxi Version 06:28
Paparazzi Don’t Stay All Night Extended Version 07:26
Paparazzi Stop 07:06
Parachute Men, The Sometimes In Vain 03:40
Parsifal Carillon French Version 05:27
Parsifal Carillon German Version 05:27
Parsifal Carillon English Version 05:27
Partisan Grey Keep Your Dreams A Secret 05:24
Partisan Grey Love Game Version 03:50
Partisan Grey Keep Your Dreams A Secret Bogle Mix 05:23
Pascal Rod On En Fera Quelqu’Un Version Maxi 05:04
Pat & Mick Let’s All Chant Something For The Kids Mix 06:36
Pat Harryson We Are D.J. Stars 05:50
Patric Cowley Megatron Man 09:12
Patricia I’m Not The Girl You Need Vocal Version 05:59
Patrick Mandane Smoothy Show 05:53
Patrick Palma Moonlight Love Serenade Vocal 06:36
Patrizia Pellegrino Bandito 03:52
Patrol Gambler Extended 05:53
Patrol Gambler Club Mix 05:10
Paul Diamond Do That Good 06:19
Paul Diamond Call Back 05:22
Paul Faber Only One Mix Version 06:35
Paul Hardcastle 19 The Final Story 08:30
Paul King I Know Instant Magic Mix 05:20
Paul Paul Burn On The Flames Vocal 05:41
Paul Rein Show Me Tonight 04:03
Paul Rein Lady-O Extended Version 07:07
Paul Rein Hold Back Your Love 05:30
Paula Evans Ciao Extended Version 05:05
Paula Fina Loving All The Night Vocal 06:28
Pepper Girls So Cold As Ice Maxi Version 06:33
Peppermint Light A Light U.S Remix 07:20
Perfect Strangers Without You Extended Version 05:56
Person To Person High Time Nigh Time Mix 05:19
Person To Person Reputation Hang Your Beat Mix 00:00
Person To Person Love On The Rebound Bounce Around Blend 00:00
Person To Person Love On The Rebound Bounce Down Seven 00:00
Peru Africa 1987 Remix 07:20
Perxon Still Cryin‘ 06:36
Perxon Lose Your Mind Maxi Version 05:57
Peso Tonight 04:59
Pet Shop Boys In The Night LP "Disco" – Version 06:25
Pete Bardens In Dreams High Velocity Mix 08:50
Peter Koppes When Reason Forbids (A Requiem) 06:02
Peter Nikys Computer Love 03:21
Phantom Of The Blue No Way Out Special Phantom Mix 07:00
Phantom Of The Blue Silent Killer Special Disco Mix 06:06
Phemius Dee Lady Fantasy Maxi Version 05:42
Phil Steele Video Love 12" Remix 05:44
Philip‎ Dream Of Me Extended Mix 04:30
Picnic At The Whitehouse We Need Protection Mother-Mix 06:22
Picture This Bang! You Are Dead Game Over Mix 05:07
Pictures Like This A Night’s Vendetta 03:29
Pierre Cosso Pioche Version Longue 05:34
Pierre Cosso & Nikka Costa Don’t Cry Maxi Version 05:00
Pierrot’s Gang Mexico Vocal 05:16
Pino Saccà Slot Machine Vocal 06:33
Pinto Sing A Song Of Joy Vocal 06:02
Pitch Control Salve Latin Colosseum Mix 05:52
Pitch Control Manitou Wigwam Mix 05:04
Plastic Mode A Jazzy Woman 07:00
Platino Se Puede Decir Mezcla Sonámbula 06:10
Platino Fuera De La Ley Versión Maxi 07:42
Platino Obsesión 03:55
Platino Cuídate 04:20
Play In My Mind Remix 04:48
Play You Don’t Look The Same De-Mix 05:23
Playing Games Love Seems To Be (The Most Dangerous
Playing Games Somewhere In My Heart (Place For You) Special-Candlelight-Version 04:46
Playing Games Titanic Panic (Everything Goes
Plustwo Melody 07:15
Plustwo Mad Radio 06:30
Polo Est Fly Fly 05:57
Polo Est Fly Fly Cockpit Mix 05:15
Port Salut Gina Daniela 05:32
Port Salut Desperado 04:40
Portray Heads Elaborate Dummy 04:08
Power & Passion Women Run The World 06:09
Power Machine Don’t Stop Remix 06:40
President European Summer (Dance It Up) Club Mix 06:29
President European Summer 7” Mix 05:56
Primadonna I Wanna Give You My Heart Mix Version 06:00
Primary Colours Paint Love Blue Extended Mix 07:21
Princess Say I’m Your No. 1 Princess To A King Mix 07:10
Private Eyes Isn’t It So 06:05
Private Lives Because You’re Young 04:50
Private Lives Memory Of Your Name 00:00
Private Lives Memory Of Your Name Dub 00:00
Private Lives Break The Chains 00:00
Private Lives Living In A World (Turned Upside
Private Lives From A River To A Sea Version 06:34
Proxima Living In Another World Extended Version 07:53
Proxyon Space Travellers 05:20
Proxyon Space Hopper 06:18
Pseudo Echo Funky Town Dance Mix 06:32
Public Affair White Collars Mega Dance Mix 07:46
Public Passion Flash in the Night null 06:28
Punch Love Me Special Version 06:04
Pure Joy Ocean 04:00
Pure Joy Courage 08:00
Purple Schulz Verliebte Jungs Bisüberbeideohrenverliebte Maxi-Version 05:52
Quarks Senseless Preoccupation 04:23
Quarterflash Take Another Picture 04:27
Quarterflash Talk To Me 04:58
Quarterflash Walking On Ice Remix 03:45
Quasi Hands ‎ Parallel Lines 03:19
Quasi Hands ‎ Oil Barons 03:47
Quick, The Down The Wire Learn To Dance Mix 08:17
Quick, The Down The Wire Extended Remix 06:44
Quiet Room Pictures In The Attic 04:11
R. Bais Mexico 06:47
R. Giusti Escape From Danger Vocal Version 05:50
R. Giusti Escape From Danger Dub-Version 05:50
R.E.M. Computer Communication 10:57
R.E.M. Computer Communication Remix 07:24
Radio Heart All Across The Nation Extended Mix 04:57
Radio Heart Radio Heart Extended Mix 06:03
Radio Heart Featuring Gary Numan London Times Extended Track 06:00
Radio Pirates, The What Shall We Do With The Drunken DJ Extenden Delirium Mix 05:36
Radiorama Fire Special R.E.M.I.X.E.D. Version 07:36
Rahway Born To Be Alive Born Again Mix 05:58
Raigo Let Me Live Vocal 05:25
Ralph G. Moonlight Over Shanghai 04:45
Ramming Speed When You Walk In The Room 08:18
Ramming Speed When You Walk In The Room Extended Version 08:18
Ran Nightcrash 05:22
Randy Bishop Puttin‘ Our Heads Together 03:17
Randy Bishop Two Hearts The Loose 00:00
Randy Wiper I’d Like To Know Vocal 05:44
Ray Allen & Paul Faber Happy Music 05:00
Ray Cooper Breakdown Vocal 06:12
Real Corporation All Of The Time Vocal Version 06:15
Real Life God Tonight Extended Dance Mix 05:13
Red Box Saskatchewan Crew’s Testing Mix 05:45
Red Turns To… Deep Sleep 05:29
Red Turns To… Lost Again 03:47
Red Turns To… Wave 05:04
Reflectors You Drive Me Crazy The Winnie Whizz Remix 06:34
Regina Mira Me Disco Mix 06:22
Reward Strangers This Time Extended Mix 06:30
Rewind Rosalie (Pop & Go!) Extended Version 06:02
Rhythm And Faith Illusions 03:01
Rhythm And Faith When The Wind Blows Love Will Die 04:58
Rich David California O.K. Vocal Version 05:14
Richard Strange Damascus Remix Club 06:55
Rick Astley She Wants To Dance With Me Extended Mix 07:14
Rick Layne Like Heaven Heavy Angel Club Mix 06:31
Rick Rock Take Me Away Extended Vocal 06:10
Ricky Mash Like A Shot 03:28
Ricky Mash Love Enough For Two 04:58
Ricky Mash Madonna 05:12
Righeira Dinero Scratch 04:58
Righeira Vamos A La Playa 05:07
Righeira No Tengo Dinero 05:30
Righeira L’Estate Sta Finendo 05:02
Risqué Burn it up (Mr. DJ) 7:10
Rita Rita You Can’t Break My Heart Dance Mix Version 05:36
Rita Rita You Can’t Break My Heart Rock Mix Version 05:16
Roaring Boys House Of Stone Long Version 05:08
Roaring Boys Every Second Of The Day 03:26
Robbie Nevil Wot’s It To Ya Extended To Ya Remix 05:16
Robert Camero Let Me Fall In Love Vocal 05:30
Robert Camero Love Games 06:21
Robert Grace A Dream (Dumio) 05:15
Robert Linn Let’s Do Holidays 06:37
Robin Gibb Like A Fool Extended Version 05:25
Robin Gibb Boys (Do Fall In Love) Extended Version 04:34
Robin Scott Eureka-ka-ka! Extended Version 06:25
Robin Scott Pop Muzik Cabinet Re-Mix 07:38
Robin Scott And The Afrikan Pioneers Crazy Zulu! Extended London Mix 07:10
Robin Scott And The Afrikan Pioneers Crazy Zulu! Extended Nairobi Mix 07:10
Roby I Can’t Change Your Life Megamix Version 07:14
Roby Vandalo Bamboline Bamboline 04:02
Rocky M. Fly With Me To Wonderland Maxi Version 05:57
Rocky M. Disco Lady Special DJ Mix 06:15
Roger Meno What My Heart Wanna Say 06:09
Roger Meno I Find The Way 06:45
Roman Index, The Revolution 03:25
Roman Romance I Was Made For Lovin‘ You 05:47
Roman Sandals This Is It Vocal 06:33
Romanelli Connecting Flight 05:30
Rosanna Residenti You And Me Tonight 03:01
Rosario E I Giaguari Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) Extended Version 04:44
Rose Magic Carillion Vocal 06:04
Rose Fairy Tale null 05:49
Rose Laurens Quand Tu Pars Maxi 06:40
Rose Laurens Night Sky Extended Version 05:15
Rosko You Can Go Away null 06:35
Ross Can’t Take My Eyes Off You 06:11
Ross Don’t Stop Full Power D.J. Mix 07:55
Rouge I Wanna Take Your Body 04:31
Round One Theme From Rocky (Gonna Fly Now – Eye Of The Tiger) Rival Mix 06:30
Rouven I Remember null 04:40
Rox Dddddddance 03:33
Roxette The Look Visible Mix 06:03
Roxette Chances Dancehall Version 08:25
Roy White & Steve Torch Let’s Forget 03:14
Rudy Different Words 05:25
Rudy & Co Mama Radio Maxi Version 05:51
Rupert Everett Generation Of Loneliness Extended Version 05:02
Russ Abbot All Night Holiday Summer Party Disco Mix 05:05
Russ Abbot Atmosphere Extended Disco Party Re-Mix 05:22
Ryan Dalmini Run To Me 05:50
Ryan Dalmini She’s My Love Dada Mix 06:24
Ryan Dalmini She’s My Love Club Version 06:24
Ryan Dalmini Badge 06:26
Ryan Simmons The Night Is Yours, The Night Is Mine Long Version 06:33
Ryan Simmons Lucky Guy Special DJ Mix 08:19
Ryuichi Sakamoto & Robin Scott Just About Enough 04:34
Ryvon Sing A Happy Song Vocal 06:20
Ryvon Up And Down Vocal Version 05:15
Ryvon D.J. I’m Gonna Dance (Take Me Tonight) 06:00
S-Express Theme From S-Express 05:58
S.C.O.R.T.A. Pertini Dance Vocal 04:49
S.C.O.R.T.A. Pertini Dance Italian Version 05:15
S50 Input Extended Version 07:10
S50 Input Re-Remix 06:54
Saâda Bonaire You Could Be More As You Are 05:50
Saâda Bonaire Invitation 05:20
Saâda Bonaire Funky Way 05:48
Sabina M. Excited For Love Excited Mix 05:10
Sabrina Boys (Summertime Love) Remix 08:43
Sabrina Hot Girl New Version 06:06
Sabrina Sexy Girl Remix 05.30
Saby Holidays Vocal Version 04:18
Saby Holidays Holi DUB 04:00
Sade The sweetest taboo Extended Version 05:27
Safron Physical Contact 00:00
Safron Physical Contact 12 Inch Mix 05:04
Sal Paradise Living In A Dream Boat 04:10
Sal Paradise There Was A Universe Cosmic Mix 05:09
Sal Solo San Damiano (Heart And Soul) Long Version 06:39
Sal Solo Forever Be Full Length Version 05:13
Sal Solo With Classix Nouveaux Heartbeat Full Version 05:35
Sal Wood Heat The Beat 07:30
Salentino You’ll Be In Paradise 04:48
Salico I’m On Fire Furnace Mix 06:37
Sally Oldfield Silver Dagger Extended Version 05:48
Samantha Fox Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me) Foxy Mix 06:13
Samantha Fox True Devotion null 04:34
Sammy Allen Slave To Love 06:01
Sammy Allen The Dirty Dance 04:23
Sammy Barbot Let The Music Play 05:24
San Show Me Maxi 6:00
San Show Me Club Mix 07:10
San Giovanni Bassista Hot Socks 05:50
San Giovanni Bassista Don’t Go 04:44
Sandra Stop For A Minute Extended Version 06:19
Sandra Midnight Man Extended Version 05:26
Sandra Around My Heart Extended Version 06:02
Sandra Robinson Music in Motion Mega-Fantasy-Mix 07:53
Sandy Marton Love Synchronicity 06:18
Sandy Wilson Gimme Your Love Tonight Extended Dance Version 05:18
Sandy Wilson Gimme Your Love Tonight Special Club-Mix 05:28
Santa Esmeralda‎ Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood New Original Version 86 06:45
Sarah Love Finds A Way 03:40
Sarah Walkie Talkie Tanze 06:05
Sarah Jeen What Did I Do 05:40
Sarah Jeen ‎ Straight From The Heart 08:02
Sarah Jeen ‎ Honey Honey (You Activate My Heart) Maxi-Version 04:48
Sasss I Didn’t Mean It At All 04:36
Sasss Baby Talk Extended 06:30
Sasss Baby Talk Version 06:28
Sasss City Life Remix 05:32
Satch Moja 06:16
Satch I Shout 04:52
Saul Falling Into A Deep Deep Sleep Extended Dance Mix 06:54
Sauvage Do You Want Me? Dance Version 06:15
Savaii Stand Up 05:56
Savini Holiday Vocal Version 04:09
Scala Macchina Nera 06:26
Scarlet Fantastic No Memory Extra Sensory Mix 08:16
Scarlett And Black You Don’t Know 12" Mix Version 06:52
Science Tokyo 03:46
Science Look Don’t Touch Long Version 04:22
Screamin‘ Tony Baxter Get Up Offa That Thing Godfather II 05:34
Sean Heyden Party Boy 05:52
Sean Taylor Come Back To Me 06:50
Sean Taylor I Can’t Live Without You 06:18
Second Face Robot system 07:34
Second Face Love In The Shadows 07:20
Secret Lovers Could It Be Forever Club Mix 06:16
Secret Lovers Too Young 05:35
Secret Service If I Try null 05:00
Secret Star‎ Jump In My Car Extended Version 04:05
Seddie Rose (We’re) People Who Live Together 03:22
Seeing Red Ice 04:21
Selena Shotgun 08:10
Sense Jamie 07:05
Sense Holding On Extended Dance Mix 07:12
Sense Three Minutes Later Extended Psycho Mix 00:00
Sense Reasons For Living Remix 00:00
Sense You Cry Compulsory Dance Mix 09:35
Sense You Cry Instrumental Dub Mix 08:40
Sensus Sensus 06:10
Sensus All Of A Sudden 07:06
Sensus Perry Rhodan … More Than A Million
Lightyears From Home …
Sentimental Dance Action Disco Mix 05:12
Seona Dancing Bitter Heart 06:32
Seona Dancing Tell Her 06:07
Seona Dancing Tell Her 06:07
Seona Dancing More To Lose Extended Mix 05:59
Sey Shop Boys Big Tits St. Pauli Mix 06:03
Shade Loving Rose 05:30
Shadow Coming Down 05:48
Shadows As Tall As Trees The Problem Depression Mix 07:55
Shadows As Tall As Trees The Problem 04:46
Shadows As Tall As Trees Now Don’t Cry 04:39
Shadows As Tall As Trees Care 05:10
Shakatak Watching You Extended Version 06:40
Shakin‘ Stevens How Many Tears Can You Hide Dance Mix 05:15
Shakin‘ Stevens Breaking Up My Heart Extended Remix 06:55
Shakin‘ Stevens Cry Just A Little Bit Longer Version 06:30
Shamall‎ Feeling Like A Stranger 08:07
Shanghai Flight 69 03:21
Shanghai Radio Girl Classical Version 07:10
Shanghai‎ Africa Special 12" Club Mix 05:49
Shannon Give Me Tonight Extended Version 06:05
Sharks I Love You… Vocal Version 04:30
Sharon Boyfriend Vocal 05:35
Sharon Love Is A Soul Mistery Mix Version 05:00
Sharon Touch Me Baby Extended Perfect Dance Mix 05:25
She Sensational (Physical Rendez-Vous) 05:30
Sheila Stewart It’s You Normal Version 06:15
Sheila Stewart ‎ Tonight Original Version 06:28
Sheree Ronnie Talk To Russia! Glasnost Mix 05:33
Shine, The I Dream In Blue Extended Version 06:54
Shine, The Shadow Dancing Extended Version 05:57
Shiny Two Shiny Waiting For Us Long Version 05:46
Shipra Sugar and Spice 05:84
Shipra Jeans On – Boys And Girls DJ Mix – Medley 05:33
Shock Il Faut To Dance 04:55
Shooting Party Safe In The Arms Of Love null 06:34
Shooting Party I Go To Pieces EXTANDED 05:58
Show, The My Sensation 05:29
Show, The Mankind 05:13
Sidney Rosalita 04:05
Sigue Sigue Sputnik 21th Century Boy T.V. Mix 06:09
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Love Missile F1 – 11 Bangkok Remix 06:27
Silent Guests House Of Wax 04:17
Silk & Steele Don’t Talk To Strangers Club Mix 05:37
Silver Pozzoli From You To Me Swedish Remix 09:00
Silver Pozzoli Chica Boom Vocal Version 05:22
Silver Pozzoli ‎ Love Is The Best 05:57
Silvi O. Do You Remember Love 03:55
Silvy Trench Reality Could Be A Dream Vocal Version 05:30
Simon I’m The One 05:30
Simona Buja Passing Masks 03:18
Simona Buja Still Close 06:23
Simoncioni Susy Oh! Dance Version 06:00
Simoncioni Hello Vocal 05:10
Sinery Don’t You Ever Run Away 05:38
Sinking Ships Dream 04:01
Sister Sister ‎ Blue Night In Alcatraz 05:17
Six Billion Monkeys Six Billion Monkeys 05:18
Skid Row I Remember You 05:08
Skill Caroline Extended Mix 06:03
Slip Don’t Leave Me This Way (Megamix) (Club Version) 08:37
Smile N. 1,4 / Magnetic Dance Dub Version 05:55
So What I Was Lucky To The Top Mix 07:14
Solid Heart Evangelina Maxi-Version 06:06
Solid Strangers Vision (Of The Night) 04:26
Solid Strangers Gimme The Light 05:56
Solid Strangers My Delight 06:12
Something Blue When You Smile You’re A Different Girl 12" Mix 00:00
Sonia & Nancy Never Can Say Goodbye 06:45
Sonia Belolo Life Dance Disco Mix 09:20
Sound Of Music Eldorado 04:54
Soundtrack Ghosts Of Love 03:40
Soundtrack The Mood I’m In 05:28
Spanish Symphonic Orchestra Energy 06:10
Spanish Symphonic Orchestra Computer Game 05:59
Sphinx When I’m In Love 05:22
Splash Qu’est-Ce Que C’est? Ce Soir Mix 08:20
Splash Band, The Big Trouble In Little China 05:40
Spliff Carbonara Special Disco-Mix 07:20
Spooky Voice Killing Myself 05:41
Stacey Q Two Of Hearts European Mix 06:00
Stag We Love You 06:07
Stag Black Betty 05:09
Stag B.B.B.S. 05:54
Stage Voodoo Dance Vocal 07:08
Stage Ocean Of Crime (We’re Movin‘ On) 05:12
Starter …’Cause I Love You Extended Euro-Mix 05:25
Starter‎ Night By Night Extended Dance Mix 06:39
State Of The Art Shout And Run Pattern Event Mix 05:32
State Of The Art Shout And Run Extended Mix 05:00
State Of The Art Love Remains A Rebel Extended Mix 05:01
State Of The Art Love Will Keep Us Together 05:30
Stefan Remmler Keine Sterne In Athen Maxi Mix 05:54
Stella Steevens Butterfly 05:58
Stephan & Nina Feuerwerk 06:31
Sterling Saint Jacques Mister Moonlight Vocal Version 05:46
Steve Clark   No More Love Vocal Version 06:52
Steve Darracq Keep Crying Vocal Version 06:57
Steve Davil Shake Me Up 05:30
Steve Eden & Paul James Memories Emotions 05:10
Steve Eden & Paul James Memories Emotions Remix 05:05
Steve Hall Heartbeat (That’s emotion) Extended Mix 08:13
Steve Harris Hey Hey Little Girl 05:58
Stevie Nicks I Can’t Wait Rock Mix 05:57
Stevie Nicks Stand Back Mix by DiscoTech Remix Service 07:47
Stop! Crash I Want Vocal 04:53
Strangelove On The Day The Earth Stand Still 05:20
Strangelove Rats (Bigger Than All Future Fact’s) 05:38
Stricher Morgen 03:53
Strike I’m Coming Up Extended Version 05:28
Style Run For Your Life Another Maxi Version 05:47
Style Run For Your Life Escape Mix 07:15
Stylóo Miss You 06:10
Stylóo  Pretty Face 06:13
Subtle Pride Arianne 06:48
Sue Gatlin Two Of Hearts Original Version 06:45
Sugar Like A Roller Coaster Special Long Version 05:50
Sugar Shake Start That Feeling Vocal Version 07:30
Sugar Shake Moonlight 06:20
Sun Dance Wascicou Vocal 05:02
Super Travel Dreamin‘ Costa Rica 05:29
Super Travel Atomic Rock Blue 05:20
Survivor Oceans 04:38
Survivor I See You In Everyone 04:21
Survivor  Didn’t Know It Was Love 04:23
Susy B. I Can’t Get Enough 04:30
Svart Klovn & Kid Death & The Nightshades Queen Bitch 03:52
Svart Klovn & Kid Death & The Nightshades A-hhh 03:58
Swan Don’t Talk About It 06:10
Sweet Connection Dirty Job 07:54
Sweet Connection Need Your Passion 08:46
Sweet Connection Heart To Heart 06:50
Sylvie Vartan Marathon Woman 03:16
Sylvie Vartan UCLA Long Version 05:18
Sylvie Vartan One Shot Lover Special Dance Mix 06:44
Syntech Soundly Computed 07:20
T. Ark Under Cover Lover null 06:09
T. Ark Count On Me null 06:30
T. Spencer Fashion 05:19
T.Toly The Witch Queen Of New Orleans 05:24
T.X.T. Girl’s Got A Brandnew Toy The Mega-Gigantic-120 dB Artlab-Mix 07:24
T’Pau Heart And Soul Dance Mix 06:45
Taboo Sexy Girl Sex-Pot-Mix 06:12
Taboo Moving In The Midnight 05:50
Taboo This Is The World Rock Version 04:08
Taboo Nobody Knows Extended Body Mix 08:00
Tabu Feat. Debbie Sharp I’m On My Way null 08:44
Taffy Step By Step Angel Gabriel Mix 08:49
Taffy Once More 05:16
Talking Fog Wait Baby Wait 06:07
Tangui Amour Combat Extended 06:24
Tanh Chi Rhythm Extended Mix 00:00
Tao Magical Moments Magic Maxi Mix 07:20
Tarracco Best Of Both Worlds Extended Version 06:40
Tarracco Sam Booker Extended Groove Master Mix 07:05
Tasha Daddy Joe Extended S.S.L. Version 06:41
Tasha It’s No Secret Dance Mix 06:10
Tasha It’s No Secret Flip Side Mix 05:15
Tasha It’s No Secret Remix 06:26
Tatjana Chica Cubana 12" Vocal Version 06:50
Tatjana Awaka Boy null 06:22
Taxeedo Querido Main Mix 06:50
Taxeedo Querido Vocal Remake 06:10
Tea Ês Captain Terra X (24 More Hours) null 09:52
Teen-Rock Make Up Your Mind 04:50
Telex L’Amour Toujours Special Dance Mix 06:33
Telex News Forever 06:25
Ten Ten When It Rains Extended Version 05:12
Ten Ten Million Miles Away Extended Version 00:00
Terry Gordon Heroes And Fools 04:10
Texas Johnny Superman Vocal 07:00
Thai Break Flowers In The Rain 05:35
The Bai Bang True love Album Version 04:23
The Caesar’s Dancers Chinese Bang Mostro Remix 04:50
The Caesar’s Dancers Let’s Go 04:50
The Caesar´s Dancers Take It Easy Double Mix Vol. 2 06:59
The D Light Scratch Your Face Hard Scratched Version 06:54
The Firm Star Trekkin‘ Extended Version 06:01
The Firm Superheroes 12" Super Version 06:08
The Flirts Helpless (You Took My Love) Extended Version 07:44
The Other Ones Stranger Street Version 07:16
Thereza Bazar Too Much In Love Smooth Mix 05:18
Thin Red Line Only Dreaming Of You Special Extended Remix 05:13
Thinking Orange Don’t Go To Parties In The Night The Monongo-Voxx-Mix 08:24
Thirteen At Midnight Climb Down 05:15
Thirteen At Midnight Other Passengers Club Mix Francaise 03:14
Thirteen At Midnight On The Beach 04:56
Thirteen At Midnight Skin Deep 04:11
Thirteen At Midnight Time Is Tight 04:23
Thirteen At Midnight Last True Friends 07:33
Thirteen At Midnight Solid Love Dub 00:00
This Final Frame Stories 05:02
This Final Frame Take No Prisoners The Shortest Day Mix 06:17
This Final Frame The Diary Dub Mix 03:40
This Final Frame Give Me Back 04:24
This Island Earth See That Glow 05:39
This Island Earth See That Glow N.Y.C. 06:47
This Island Earth Take Me To The Fire 06:22
This Island Earth Pearl Of Love 05:46
This Perfect Day The Garden 03:50
Thomas & Schubert  Eyes Of Ice Extended Version 06:00
Thomas Anders‎ One Thing 08:00
Thomas Anders & Glenn Medeiros Standing Alone Extended Dance Mix 06:01
Thomas Forstner Song Of Love 12“ Version 04:43
Thomas Forstner Nur Ein Lied Maxi-Version 04:45
Thomas T. Loving Again Extended Version 05:18
Thought, The I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night 03:36
Three O’Clock Suzie’s On The Ball Now Extended Mix 05:33
Three O’Clock, The Neon Telephone Extended 12" Version 06:28
Three O’Clock, The Love Explosion Eruptus Mix 06:22
Three O’Clock, The Love Explosion Dubious Mix 05:43
Thu Thuy‎ Gonna Loose My Heart 06:30
Tiffany I Think We’re Alone Now Extended Version 06:35
Tik And Tok Cool Running Gargantuan Mix 08:11
Tik And Tok Screen Me I’m Yours 04:34
Tik And Tok Higher Ground 04:51
Tik And Tok Everything Will Change 00:00
Time Can’t You Feel It Vocal 05:28
Time And Love Tea For Two Extended Version 05:20
Time Bandits EndlesRoad High Energy Dance Mix 07:30
Time Bandits Dancing On A String 06:43
Time With George Aaron Don’t Stop 06:16
Timelords, The Doctorin‘ The Tardis 08:16
Tin Tin I Beg Your Pardon (The Answer) 06:26
Tina Gabriel If You Say You Love Me Extended Version 07:10
Tina K. Talk To Me 06:57
Tina K. All I Wanna Do (Is Make Love To You) 06:19
Tina Turner What You Get Is What You See Extended Dance Mix 06:28
Tina Turner‎ Two People Tender Mix 07:15
Tipinifini Fever 06:21
Tipinifini Talk About U.S.A. Mix 05:50
Tipinifini All Of My Life Vocal Version 03:40
Tiziana Rivale Moviestory 04:18
TMF feat. Joe "Bean" Esposito Eye To Eye null 06:15
Tokio You Can’t Stop This Game Vocal Version 06:44
Tom Carabba The Deliverance Long Version 06:08
Tom Jackson Rise Up To The Moon 05:45
Tommy‎ One Night 06:44
Tommy De Chirico Close Your Eyes 03:12
Tony Baron Dream In Black 06:10
Tony Baron Italian Dream 05:15
Tony Baron Italian Dream Dub Version 05:15
Tony Baxter Screamin‘ (James Who ?) Mix 1 04:34
Tony Rome‎ Viva L’amour 05:26
Topaz Magic Nights Mega Magic Mix 06:05
Touriste De Luxe Machine Man 06:39
Touriste De Luxe Plastic Show 05:01
Towanna Sheppard The Stronger The Love Extended Version 05:45
Toy For Boys Your Body, Your Feeling Vocal 04:18
Tozzo Shankle 05:10
Tracey Ullman Sunglasses 12" Extended Version 06:34
Trans-X Ich Liebe Dich (I Love You) Vocal Mix 06:30
Trans-X Vivre Sur Vidéo 06:15
Trevor Herion Dreamtime Club Mix 07:16
Trial Chant 4501 04:06
Trick, The Africa 03:23
Trick, The My World Extended Version 06:51
Trick, The Trickbaby 07:11
Trillion Canta Con Migo (My Love) 04:42
Trillion Canta Con Migo (My Love) Italo Mix 04:23
Trio‎ Da Da Da 06:32
Triple G Nervous 06:46
Triss Como Es Rambo Platini Dee Jay Long Version 05:43
Twins, The Talk To Me null 05:01
Two For Love Gimme Your Night Extended Version 05:43
Two For Love‎ Hold Me Extended Version 05:05
Two Girls Another Boy In Town DJ Mix 05:22
Two Girls Another Boy In Town Trigger Mix 03:30
Two Heads In One Don’t You Break My Heart Vocal 05:30
Two Minds Crack The Hunger And The Greed 07:52
Two Minds Crack Cry Cry Cry Extended Version 06:24
Two Minds Crack Cry Cry Cry Club Mix 06:24
Two Minds Crack One Sky Above Us Extended 05:45
Two Minds Crack The Sense That Never Sleeps 05:12
Two Nations Hands Of Fate Fate Mix 06:04
Two Nations This Love null 07:51
Two Of Us My Inner Voices Extended Version 05:13
Two Of Us Two Of Us Extended Version 05:50
Two Of Us Love Is So Sensible Extended Version 05:21
U-BahnX Young Hearts Of Europe Essential Mega-Mix 05:43
U-BahnX Young Hearts Of Europe Valkyrie Mega-Mix 07:14
U-BahnX Kiss Of Death Punishment Mix 04:04
U.K. Roadrunner 06:52
UB 40 Red Red Wine 05:20
UB40 All I Want To Do 12" Re-Mix 07:05
Udo Lindenberg Horizont Extended Version 06:00
Udo Lindenberg Ich Lieb‘ Dich Überhaupt Nicht Mehr 06:11
Ultimate Sway, The Always Waiting 05:16
Un Projet Ki-Ak 04:51
Under Two Flags False History 05:04
Under Two Flags The Day After Dub 05:13
Unloved Need For You Midnight Mix 05:10
V Capri Haunting Me Extended Version 04:44
Valentino Tonight Vocal Version 07:10
Valentino You And I (Io Tu Noi) 06:20
Valentino You Are The Sunshine Extended Version 05:50
Valerie Claire Shoot Me Gino Shootgun Version 05:45
Valerie Claire I’m A Model ’86 Pure Dynamite Re-Mix 06:19
Valerie Claire Shoot Me Gino ’86 Pure Dynamite Re-Mix 06:19
Valerie Claire I’m A Model (Tonight’s The Night) Club Version 06:12
Valley Forge, The All The Love In The World 05:26
Valley Forge, The Fit To Fall The Mix 06:07
Vanelle Tell Me 07:39
Vanelle Tell Me Remix 07:38
Vanelle Set Me Free 06:35
Vanelle Doctor For Your Heart Dance Mix 06:00
Vanelle Doctor For Your Heart Hi Energy Mix 06:17
Vanessa Crazy For You Extended Version 05:20
Vanessa Upside Down (Dizzy Does It Make Me) Long Version 06:03
Vanessa Paradis Joe Le Taxi Version Longue 05:30
Vanilla Imagination "Calypso Nights" null 06:48
Vanilla Paradise Mi Amor 06:30
Vanna Marr I Want Your… 06:50
Vanna Marr I Want Your… Crazy Mix 06:50
Vanna Marr Lost In The Night Remix 06:25
Vanna Marr I Want Your… 06:50
Vanna Marr I Want Your… Crazy Mix 06:50
Vartan Never Forever For Love 05:25
Vendetta Palace Pressure Time Long Version Tough Mix 08:38
Vendetta Palace Burning Up Mix 36 08:06
Vendetta Palace Monkey Beat Remix 06:23
Ventura Touched 05:25
Ventura Another Time 05:10
Venus One Shot Lover Remix 05:40
Vicki Sue Robinson To Sir With Love null 05:56
Victims of Pleasure Slave To Fashion 04:07
Video Somebody Vocal Version 06:20
Video Somebody (Hey Girl) Dub Version 05:35
Vince Clarke / Paul Quinn One Day Extension 04:17
Vince Clarke / Paul Quinn Song For…. Extension 05:09
Vincent Thoma Country Lovers 06:32
Virgin Super Catching Desire Extended Version 06:00
Virgin Dance Are You Ready (For That Feeling) Extended Version 04:30
Virgin Dance No Disguise 05:57
Virgin Dance Desire Extended Version 05:41
Virgin Dance The Dream Is Over [We Can Do It] Extended Mix 04:38
Vision Love Dance Special Remix 06:30
Visions Everybody Original 05:20
Visitors One Track Heart Special 12" Version 06:28
Visitors Nothing To Write Home About 12" Over & Out Mix 06:00
Vitality Life Styles 04:33
Vivien Vee Heartbeat One Two Three Mix 07:00
Vivien Vee Americano Long Version 05:49
Vlady Sherkane Cha Cha Cha For You 07:08
Vocoder Mindanao 05:08
Voice Wake Up Dreaming 03:58
Voice In Fashion, The Give Me Your Love Extended Mix 07:24
Wallcity Stay Tonight 03:18
Waterfoot Dandy, The 14 Days 05:30
Waterfront Cry Extended Version 07:04
Waterfront, The Be With You Ext’d 06:38
Wax American English The Concorde Mix 05:08
Way Of The West Don’t Say Thats Just For White Boys 07:23
Way Of The West Drum Social Mix 05:21
Way Of The West See You Shake Long Version 04:24
Way Of The West City For Lovers Full Length Version 07:30
Way Of The West Feel The Steel Demolition Mix 00:00
Wayne Hernandez Corners of the sun Convenience Mix 06:06
Wet That’s The Game Continental Mega Mix 06:22
Wet Boy Among Girls 05:18
Wet Boy Among Girls John Tilly Mix 05:27
Wet Don’t Hide Inside Your Love Vocal 05:49
Wheels Is This Love? (Love Can Break Your
White & Torch Who’s Asking You? 04:09
White & Torch Parade 04:12
White & Torch Miracle 04:45
White & Torch Heartbeat 04:35
White & Torch Bury My Heart 03:02
Why Not Space Trouble 06:46
Why Not Miami Vice 06:35
Why Not, The Smile 07:03
Why Not, The Comet 059 06:40
Why Not, The Ghedaffi Vocal Version 07:18
Wilkins Margarita Remix 06:05
Wilkins Margarita Dance Version 07:00
Wilson Ferguson Show Me Extended Version 05:45
Winder Run For Love null 05:03
Winder Do it right 06:43
Winners, The Rocky Extended Version 05:48
Witch Watch I Don’t Know 05:05
Wolf Maahn Tschernobyl (Das Letzte Signal) Lange Version 09:19
Word Of Mouth Heartbeat / Heartbreak 06:18
Wyoming Outside Looking In Extended Version 00:00
X Voice Lonely Dreams 05:50
X-Ray Connection Get Ready ORIG u. Special Freak Mix 5:49
Xenia Rowe Reaching For The Best Vocal 00:0?
Xenia Rowe Reaching For The Best Vocal 00:0?
Yazoo‎ Nobody’s Diary null 60:07
Yello Vicious Games Extended Version 06:50
Yello Lost Again 07:20
Yvonne Kay Rise Up (For My Love) Club Mix 08:40
Zara Thustra Head Over Heels 07:00
Zara-Thustra Magic Nights null 08:32
Zenobia In The Night 05:47
Zenobia In The Night Dub Version 08:20
Zig Zag It’s Up To You null 05:31
Zig Zag Hold You (Who Dares Wins) 06:45
Ziggy Dance, Dance, Dance In The Middle Of
The Night
Zingari ‎ Echoes 03:07
Zingari ‎ Everybody’s Waiting Disco Mix 02:57
Zip Your Love Ext 06:44
Zip Give It To Me Ext 05:52
Zummos, The An Obsession (Over You) Remixed Version 06:30
Zummos, The An Obsession (Over You) Dub Version 05:40
ZZ Top Legs Metal Mix 07:48
ZZ Top Rough Boy LP Version 04:50
ZZ Top Stages Extended Version 05:05